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Have been told I'm anaemic at 26 weeks, anyone else?


So one of my tests came back from yesterday after being at the mau all day.

Apparently that's why I'm breathless and my heart rate is tacki cardic!

I have got to go on iron tablets, not sure if I heard her right but she said 400 mg a day!

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Hi yes I'm 25 weeks today and have been told I'm anaemic. Thought I might be before they told me as I felt really breathless on exertion ie climbing stairs, fast walking, really tired with a pounding heart. Ive been prescribed iron tablets which aren't pleasant but I'm keen to get my levels up in time for delivery of my baby. Have you had a prescription?

Skyblueboston in reply to Kaley

I have to get the tablets tomorrow from mau at the hospital.

Sorry just saw the rest of your post. You've got your prescription. Mine is 3 x 210mg per day. Worth taking with a glass of orange juice or something as it helps you absorb the iron into your system.

Skyblueboston in reply to Kaley

Ok cool, I think she said she will be putting me on 400 mg a day, I hope they work, my breathing is bad! Luckily it hasn't triggered my asthma yet!

Oh poor you. I don't have that worry. Hope it doesn't affect it. Be aware also that extra iron can make you constipated and give you black poo (nice!) so keep your fibre and fluid up too x

Ferrous fume rated dose is 210mg - much less constipating than ferrous sulphate (400mg). However, ferrous sulphate contains more iron, and is in a form that is more easily taken up by the body.

Hope you're both OK (I took my own bloods this evening - expecting a low Hb when I check tomorrow!)

Fumerate even - silly auto correct!!

Lol, my iPad does auto correct drives me mad!

Thanks for your reply. What do you think about the fact I'm so out of breath even resting!

What's your Hb now and what was is at booking? I feel the same at the moment, even sat in bed first thing in the morning. I've just texted my registrar to tell him I'm waiting until after rush hour to get on the tube, else I'm sure I'll end up in a fainted heap on the floor again!!!

Your body's doing everything it can to ensure bump gets enough Oxygen that it stops caring so much about you! Probably about the only time 'fight and flight' favours someone else!!

If you feel unwell with it though, with any sort of chest discomfort (especially 'pleuritic' pain - worse on breathing in or coughing), or a single swollen leg, any breathlessness should be reviewed in hospital to rule out blood clots - more common in pregnancy. They are not at the top of the list of the most likely problem, but are the things we worry about in hospital and should be excluded (rather than confirmed!)

Hope you feel better soon?

I had a look is the reading that's starts with Fbc- 11.3 g/dl

My latest reading is 9.0

Off to the mau today going to tell them how bad my breathing is!

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