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Negative pregnancy test, but late period and feeling pregnant? Confused!!

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Has anyone else had this problem? Ive taken 3 tests all at different times of the day, i did one in the morning, but they all was negative, i have swolen and sore breasts, feeling sick on and off and im very emotional..

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Hi there,

Are your cycles regular? If not, then it may be that your period is not truly 'late' and that it's just too early to get a positive result. That happened to me. So, I would assume you are pregnant (and avoid alcohol etc) and test again in a few days time. Also, make sure you use the first urine of the day, as apparently the hormones will show in a higher concentration then. Good luck!

Wait two days from today, this gives your hcg levels a chance to rise if you are pregnant. Use a Clear blue test digital with conception indicator, not women on here agree these are the best:)

Also how late are u? When did u ovulate? It takes 14 days to get a positive after ovulation, hence the two week wait!

Keep us updated, good luck

Hiya, How late are you?? Wait a few days like the others have said and test very first thing in the morning if you can it gives a better reading. If it still says negative and you still have not come on maybe contact your doc and ask them to take a blood sample to check your hcg levels. I did a pregnancy test on 15th Feb and it was negative and I still had not come on by 28th feb so had a blood test and my hcg levels were 2000 so a week later I had another blood test and they were 20,000 and it calculated out on the dating scan that I was 6wks 6days pregnant so good luck.

Recently when trying to get pregnant (5 years trying), I had two months where my cycles ran 38 days instead of 26. I am as regular as clock. Both times tested negative throughout. As someone said, wait two days and retest again. I over ran by twelve days, and have no clue as to why.

I've had the same problem. I've taken four tests all negative. If I've still not come on after a week I'm gonna see my doctor. That is probably your best bet.

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