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Long and hard pregnancy

well, my pregnancy didnt start good with spotting every day in the first few weeks of finding out and constantly having to have internal scans to check baby was ok. by the time i hit 8 weeks i was in hospital with Severe Hyperemesis.

I Spent nearly 4 weeks in hospital constantly on a drip, whether it was vitamins, saline or potassium chloride being put through my drip my levels of fluids were constantly low. tiny sips of water would make my body surge and result in bowls of vomit (even with nothing inside me). it was a very hard battle and not many people know what it is or what the suffers go through.

I am now on the road to recovery thanks to my consultant putting me on steroids, which will be a medication i am on for the whole pregnancy, otherwise Hyperemesis will return with a vengeance (already tried and tested).

after 8 weeks off work, i started back today and i am feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. but at only 17 weeks pregnant its been very long!

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Ahhh bless you, this sounds horrendous, thank god your better now:)

I had severe sickness from 12 to 20 weeks sick min 5 times a day, utterly exhausted, but compared to you this seems to be fairly mild!

I agree that people ill not understand how ill you was untill they have actually experienced it for themselves !

Congratulations on getting back to work you should be proud of yourself ! Listen to your body though, dont try and be a super mum to be lol


i do try and be super mum. it doesnt work though. only last week i started managing to eat and keep anything down and thats due to all the anti emetics and steriods im on. but as long as the sickness has settled then im happy.

yes from half 5 in the morning til i went to sleep at night i had my head in bowls. and being sick blood was my worst fear.

it got me so down and the consultant in charge of me was worried as my bowel started not to work. so feeding tube down my nose to my bowel to keep it working. other than that next option was termination. i would not even agree to it.

after going through all this for my baby i would not accept that i had to have a termination. and im glad i didnt. there was means and ways around it.

hope your ok now. xx


Wow, it was only yesterday I read a story in a magazine about a women like you, she had a healthly baby, but a few year later she got pregnant again, and the same thing started to happen, she had a termination she felt like she couldn't do it in plus te docs was worried about her kidneys peaking up, the story made me cry, she was heart broken!

You are certainly very strong and i wish a easy pregnancy from now on or you:)


i wish it was an easy pregnancy from now on. i dont think theres such thing as easy anymore though! :)

just have to take it day by day now. which is a good thing as it used to be hour by hour.


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