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Hi I'm only 12 weeks 3days so I know this question is a bit premature but I like to be prepared :) I was just wondering whether anyone knew if there was any help out there for paying for child care both me and my husband work full time but don't earn a great deal and after I've had my little pip I will have 2 go back 2 work whether it be full or part time and I was wondering if there is anything out there that can help with the cost of child care? Any help greatly appreciated!! :)

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  • Hiya Lousie87, I have got 2 children and me & my husband are both self employed. My husband works 58 hours a week and me 16 hours. My 2 children go to a local private nursery for 12 hours per week and I get 70% of that paid for with working taxs credits. If you go on the HM revenue site to the child beneift section and give them a call and they will send you out a form (be patient as they can take an age to answer). As long as you work more than 16 hours a week and your earnings fall in the guidlines then you will be eligable. I thank my lucky stars that my sister in law is well clued up on this sort of thing or I would have been usless and not known what I was entitled too. Any other questions just feel free to ask as it is very daunting the amount you pay out in childcare.

  • Thanks you that's great yes its very daunting 1st baby n so much to learn!

  • I've also started thinking about things like this, as it's my first too. I honestly don't think we can afford for me to go Part Time. Megzey, just off top of your head, what are the salary bandings which would make you entitled? Does this 70% just get transferred to your account or does it go straight to the child minder? Any help is much appreciated!

    So Louise have you just had your 12 week scan? :)

  • its paid within your tax credits, when baby is born you first need to apply for family benefit, then you apply for tax credits, then when you go back to work update the infor for tax credits and you will need to supply details of the childcare, average weekly amount and their ofsted number and details. you then pay the nursery/childminder.

    if your worried about the costs look at the calculator. as a rough guide i was always told around the 20-25k mark combined! this is calculated from your p60. get onto the gov website and input some info into the calculator its worth doing.

  • Yeah it was really nice I now can't wait till the 20 week scan so I can find out what I'm having I'm just not very patient and very exited :)

  • hi there is a calculator that you can use on the direct gov website, fill it out as if you have had baby and have gone back to work. its only a guide but the threshhold is quite low to get 70% back. they are introducing more help for families earning more. your work may be able to offer childcare vouchers too which come out before tax and ni so u save on that. and if you and your husband claim them it might save some money for you. i'm currently trying to decide to go back but its just not finacally viable at the moment as we would earn over 25k together so get no help at all. also start looking into what type of childcare! sounds silly but childminders rate vary and nursery fees can be very expensive i have been to some which would be almost the same as my wage! just because the childminders cheap doesnt mean shes rubbish. my son had a childminder which was only 25 per day compared to 48 for the nursery, and the childminder was more flexible.

    sorry this is a bit of an essay but i looked into every option with my first so know its a minefield.

    Good luck

  • Good subject ! I haven't got a clue as well as expecting our first,not even decided if am gonna go back to work after baby, if I do definitely not full time. X

  • Hi, never too early! check with your employer and your husbands employer if they are registered for a childcare voucher scheme. If not then encourage them to register. Both u and it husband can claim these vouchers through your wages. You will then need to find a nursery or childminder who can accept the vouchers. It's a government scheme so quite a few places do. Oh and look at Daycare trust website for good info on childcare

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