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Scans and appointments


Hi all,

Can anyone tell how many average scans and appointments with mid-wife and GP are offered and at what stages. It seems a lot of differing information is available on internet and what my mid-wife told me.

Also, which week do we start discussing actual birthing and with whom? I have been given a leaflet which invites me to a classes in the first week of June, baby due 20th July (and there are 4 classes on parenting) are these the same where we are taught birthing techniques and breathing while birthing ?

The mid-wife I saw this week seemed to be so much in hurry that she just passed on my question with a leaflet which is not very informative (just a single page print of timetable inviting me and my partner) - and looks more of parenting classes than ante-natal classes.

thanks again,


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It really depends on the area in which you live, but on the whole:

Usually just 12 weeks and 20 weeks for scans, unless you have problems

Most hospital based antenatal classes (also known as parenting or birthing classes in some areas) are 4 or 5 sessions, carried out from around 32 weeks. There is usually more demand than supply, so they book up really quickly. In my area they suggest you try to book them by week 25. These sessions will cover pre-labour, labour and post-labour, and will give you more information regarding your options for birth.

There are also other sources of help, such as the National Childbirth Trust - classless cost, but there are usually bursaries/reductions for low income families.

ritz21 in reply to DrFluffy

thanks for sharing this information Dr Fluffy,

I have few more - Would they check the blood sugar/gestational diabetes as routine or shall I ask or make arrangements for it ?

Would there be any scan to re-determine the due date at a later stage ? (My mid-wife said he DD to be 20th July, but I think it must be 17th July, and I have said this several times to them now - to which they say its just 3 days different so its ok - is it really ok ?)

About the baby movement, I told the mid-wife that I know that the baby moves more at certain time, but I cant really figure out the number of movements (I am 24 weeks now) is that normal ?

About tetanus vaccination, I was told that it is not given in UK. I know that whooping cough do have a dose of tetanus too (and as you know I am not taking whooping cough) would that mean I should seek more advise on tetanus (because would that not be necessary to prevent harm to the baby while the umbilical cord is cut after birth? )

And for booking these classes I think I need to call the mid-wifery institute? As I saw different midwife all three times now, is that how I am supposed to do it?

I would also look up at NCT courses.

Also, so far I have been perfectly normal and healthy, but should i also seek regular appointments with the GP - it just seems bit unfair to me to go to the doctor when everything is alright - but at the same time, I dont know if I should or I should not !

Book youself into the Antental classes they are really good and you get to look around the labour suite ( well we did anyway) and it really reassures you. Although I never made it to the last session as my 1st baby ended up coming 4 weeks early. They go through diff pain releif etc and breathing excerises. Good luck it is very exciting.

ritz21 in reply to Megzey

Yeah I was also worried about the baby coming early - as my first session is when I am already 35 weeks so I wondered !

As you said everywhere is different. I just have 2 scans, seeing my midwife at 25 week's, and thats the first time she will listen to baby's heartbeat (my friend had that at 16 week's!!) then every three weeks, up till about 33 week's, then see her every 2 week's. I also think my due date is different but they will go off dating scan, as that is most accurate estimate as baby's grow at same rate up till then. I had to contact local cente to book my nhs classes when I was 20 weeks, and my course starts 26th May ( baby due 12/07). Best person to ask is the midwife or community midwife office if you have one. Hope it helps x

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