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Another day in the mau

So as you know I have already had two uti since week 20 now week 26, and for the last week the familiar kidney back pain has risen again meaning I can't stand or walk or long, plus weeing every 15 minutes, and this morning feeling like crap and feeling sick.

So off I went for my normal midwife appointment, and my urine test showed up bacteria present, so after our chat, measurement of my belly actually measuring 27 weeks, they told me to go straight to the mau.

So I arrived and as usual they were all lovely, surprised to see me back!

My pulse showed I was Tracy cardiac!

My urine was positive for infection!

So they called the doc as I have had cephalexin twice and obviously not working for me!

Two hours later the doc arrives, he did an internal exam, found that I had a servere case of thrush internally, took a swab etc, strange I said to him coz I'm not itching one bit!

So he said internal thrush can cause braxton hicks, which I ave been getting the last week.

My high pulse showed I'm fighting an infection of some sort, so took my blood, Friday I get results back, although I got some back today which showed clear!

He said that by Friday my back ache and unwell feeling should have gone or drastically improved, but if not I'm to go straight back for more investigations!

So my treatment is an internal Pesary to fight the thrush and external cream, plus lots of cranberry juice and lots of water which I'm already doing.

So fingers crossed no more back ache, no more discharge, no more cramps and just a happy mummy to be :)

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Glad you had a good experience :-)


Oh, poor girl! Hope the treatment works out allright. All the best, and get well soon!


Oh bless. Hope all goes well.


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