Feeling much happier- and absolutely starving

Hi everyone ,

I have been feeling the babies again fluttering away :) no more pains so I'm very happy. Focusing on getting through the next few weeks then I will see my little ones again!! But there just seems to be no filling me I'm just so hungry!! The more I eat the more I'm hungry, I think some of it could be down to the fact that ive had a bad head cold the past few days do I could be trying to repair myself haha. I know they say your not eating for three but as far as I'm concerned if your starving you need to eat, i suppose the the twinlets are going to be doing a lot of growing the next few weeks but that's all good, I can't wait till they r hurting me haha and four little feet poking out wherever. The only problem I seem to be having at the min is a bit pain where I have a benine bone tumour on my pelvis ( fibrous displacia) but I think this is simply due to the fact things are starting to soften to accommodate the babies.

Hope everyone is ok xx

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  • ah great news bet u feel so relieved xx

  • Yeah totally!!! Obviously I'm not quite at the stage where Im going to feel them all of the time, but the pains probably didn't help matters with my worry xx

  • Well it's great you're feeling better & I've always said if you are feeling hungry EAT! . I can imagine it can feel like you're stuffin your face too much but you are carrying twins

    The best thing you could possibly do is try to steer away from the oily & salty foods as they could do more harm than good.

  • Thanks yes you are right It does I feel like I just dont stop eating... But yes I'm not a big fatty food eater so no worries on that front :) I have been told to have a bit more salt in my diet after passing out a couple of weeks ago, but I had past kidney disease so would never go overboard on that one anyway. Xx

  • That's good!

    Do you know the gender of your babies yet. Something tells me theres 1 boy & 1 girl.

  • No I don't yet im fifteen weeks, but I am going to find out!!! It's funny you should say that that's what we think - but we're not bothered what sex they are it's kinda a gut feeling we have :) x

  • So good you are feeling better again! It's always ups and downs during pregnancy, Isn't it? I guess that's how it's going to be for US for the next 20 years or so... :)

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