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Cravings for sweet / fruity foods in 1st trimester

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So, Having searched & "double read" upon 2nd pregnancy symptoms in the 1st trimester stage on Google search ( Yes I know CRAZY) most of the blogs "about old wives tales many centuries ago" say womens who crave sweet, fruity & sour tasting foods are more likely to be carrying girl babies.

Does anyone out there actually believe in these theories & if so has anyone having or had simular cravings that have proven the sex of their child.

Ideally i would LOVE to have a baby girl as i have a 4yr old son already & I also have convienced myself it will also be good to have another female in our house so my husband & son will be more appreciative LOL!

I've also noticed the couple of online blogs talking about the bicarbonate of soda test (which i have also tried) & i can confirm that their was NO fizz which could also mean my urine is less acidic to a woman who maybe having a boy.

I just can't wait until i get that 1st scan invitation as I'm now starting to climb the wall with anxious- ness.

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I believe it:-) I ate and craved sweet things with my girls! and couldn't stop eating, but with my boys I didn't and put on less weight!

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O.k I guess every woman is different though because when i was pregnant with my son i wasa average weight up until the last trimester then i gained about 6 extra pounds (in a space of about 3mths).

But that's good to know!


I crave fruit and strawberry smoothies, only two months gone so can't confirm if it's true for me yet!

I'm having a boy, and before this I hated salt, now I crave salty food and salt on everything, I am also craving carbs, and my sweet tooth as gone!

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O.k so i guess the theory is in the right direction so far for you. I can't remember if i craved savoury/salty foods when i was pregnant with my son in 2008 "seems like a distance already". I do remember feeling & being sick alot of the time though, so maybe i needed a more starchy food intake.

Thxs for your message!

I craved Pickled Onions and Oranges for about 2-3 wks, both of which acidic so I have no idea what this means. I recon old wives tails, 50% chance they are true I guess or 50% bulls*#t. I stopped desiring either at the end of the 1st Trimester promptly, it surprised me how quick it happened as I like pickled onions but have continued to drink Orange Juice, not because of any craving but for its nutritional value and ability to help us absorb iron.

The other thing with the onions was as a toddler, maybe 3yo I was at my aunties wedding in the 70's and little silverskin pickled onions were on the tables and I went round and ate the lot! My parents described me as being 'intoxicated' shall we say, pupils like saucers so i wondered if they miniature onions were always going to be my thing regardless of sex of baby. :)

Cravings are a funny thing! I do know that much x

I craved apples like they were going out of fashion and everyone was like bet it's a girl and it was so it may be true lol!

I lived on cake and cereal for the first trimester. It's a boy :)

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