UTI problems, the infection won't go away after antibiotics, did anyone experienced this or had recurring UTIs? Please help!

I'm 20 weeks, i was treated for my 2nd UTI a couple of weeks ago, and after checking the urine sample following treatment (cefalexin), it turned out the infection hasn't cleared up! I was taking it for 5 days, now the doctor has prescribed stronger dose of amoxicilin for 7 days (which i had taken for my 1st infection at 11 weeks). Starting to get worried that i may never get rid of this bloomin' thing! In which case i might be put on antibiotics for the remainder of pregnancy - did anyone take antibiotics for the whole pregnancy? I know it's safer than leaving it, which can lead to kidney infection, but i'd love to hear from women in a similar position. Thanks girls xx

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  • Hi

    There was a girl at my work was sent to see a specialist for the same reason and she was put on antibiotics for the rest of her pregnancy she was about 18 weeks when this was decided. She had a happy healthy baby new years eve!! I remember her being worried the same as you are but you are getting looked after consultants that have more than likely dealt with this time and time again. Good luck hope you get sorted soon xxxx

  • Thank you SO much for your reply, i think i'm just loking for some reasurrance, i'm sure doctors wouln't do anything to harm the baby but nonetheless i think any long-term medicine is not good so hence my worry. Glad to hear about your friend, thanks again xx

  • Hi Nirvanca.i have few steps for you to try if you havent already heard about it:

    Take these steps to minimize your chances of getting a urinary tract infection:

    Drink plenty of water, at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day.

    Don't ignore the urge to pee. And try to empty your bladder completely when you urinate.

    After a bowel movement, wipe yourself from front to back to prevent bacteria in the stool from getting near the urethra.

    Keep your genital area clean with mild soap and water.

    Clean your genital area and pee before and after sexual intercourse.

    Drink cranberry juice. Studies show that cranberry juice – and its relative, lingonberry juice – can reduce bacteria levels and discourage new bacteria from taking hold in the urinary tract. (Drinking cranberry juice won't cure an existing infection, though, so if you're having symptoms, you still need to see your practitioner right away to get a prescription for antibiotics.)

    Avoid feminine hygiene products (sprays or powders) and strong soaps that can irritate your urethra and genitals, making them a better breeding ground for bacteria. And don't use douches during pregnancy.

    Hope that helps a bit xx

  • hi Neska, thanks for your advice. The trouble is that - this being my 3rd infection - i tried all of the above and it didn't seem to make a diffence :-( I will keep at it though! x

  • I'm currently at the mau due to my third infection in a row, twice I have been treated with cephalaxin and five days later its back. will let u know what they are doing, by the way amoxcillian is no good for uti and is not recommended by the doctors here as its not strong enough. I may be put on drip to blast the infection away plus I think they might change my medicine. kidney or urine infections must not be left as can cause early labour!

  • Oh no! hope they get it sorted for u!

  • Yes i know, that's why i'm so worried. Amox seemed to have helped for my first infection (if only for a few weeks!) but cefalexin did nothing this time. Pls let me know how you get on, good luck!

  • Have you been drinking plenty of cranberry juice? This is very good for uti's x

  • Oh yes plenty. plus I drink three litres of water a day!

  • I hope you get the right treatment for it.i know its annoying when you cant get rid of it.i get thrush all the time...xx

  • Hi neska, I'm back fom the mau, read my blog and see if this slips I at all xx

  • Has your GP actually sent the sample for microbiology to get antibiotic sensitivities? It may be a resistant organism and (s)he needs to ensure it's not something called an 'ESBL' e.coli - which are resistant to penicillin and penicillin like antibiotics. ESBLs are become increasingly common. If Cephalexin didn't work, I would be surprised if amoxicillin does...

  • hi DrFluffy, i don't know - assume they would know what to do as i'm not a doctor - I got a second opinion from a family doctor (friend) and they said antibiotics are different and a stronger dose this time might help. Fingers crossed...

  • Actually, if it were me I would insist my GP call the microbiology SpR at my local hospital for advice. There's a definite risk benefit analysis that needs to be considered with more resistant bugs as the antibiotics that may be required have side effects.

  • I have had a uti for 8 years now and had a very painful pregnacy was on cefalexin through out my whole pregnacy. Im in terrible deep pain all day everyday. My sex life is none excistent. The antibiotics wont workunless i take them in high doses for 10 months constantly and doctors are stricter now they wont let you have many now but i feel im very resistant thats why i need alot to cure me but they wont. Interrible pain and cant stop urinating costanly need the toilet think i will be interrible pain forever its horrible doctors just dont care like they use to. But dont worry my baby turned out alright after being on long term antibiotics. Still inintese pain now so your not alone

  • I am the same I'm 17 weeks got my 1st UTI over a month ago and won't seem to go away have been on two different aintibiotics and hasn't cleared up at all i've been really worried that its going to harm my baby

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