work and maternity appointments entitlement??

was just wondering, are u entitled to time off work (without taking holiday using up hours) for maternity appointments, I work 12 hour days from 6am-6pm so my appointments are always within my working day and even if my appointment is at 9 I still have to take 4 hours from work and I thought you were entitled to time off from work for such appointments or if its down to the company?


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  • If you have notified your employers you are pregnant then yes they do have to allow you time off for the appointments no matter where you work x check out for further info x

  • ok lovely thank u, will check it out now x

  • Just if it helps, I am employed as a Civil Servant & yes I am entitled to paid time off for all of those types of appointments, ie Midwife, antenatal etc. Although my employer obviously would prefer me to book them in my own time where possible. But as a general rule you are entitled. Us pregnant women are a minefield for employers! Best of luck :)

  • Yeah, I just try and schedule mine to suit work ie as early or as late as poss rather then middle of the day just to be more convenient to everyone and then they cannot winge about it even though I know my rights :)

  • As above, yes of course you are entitled. Also have a look at your company maternity policy, this should give you clear guidance too. xx

  • I love the NHS employees advice - essentially, if I end up stressed etc and need a pamper session this should have the same status as an antenatal apt! Haha!!! Like that would ever happen!!!

  • Dr Fluffy with your shifts I recon you should test this theory out :) Go get a massage X

  • Absolutely entitled to the paid time off work not as holiday for any midwife or antenatal appointment including any classes your midwife recommends so can include yoga classes etc too! My manager was completely unaware of this and tried to tell me I had to take it all as holiday because he had had to, I told him (after quite a stressful heated discussion in which he just wasn't listening) its different for dads and to speak to HR. HR then came back to me very apologetic that my manager had said this and that if I had future issues of such things then please go to them first (before lawyers) to get it sorted. Needless to say my manager never said another word to me - not even an apology for getting it wrong! But had no more problems and positively encouraged whenever the lady from HR saw me to get my midwife to recommend yoga and active birth classes and do them - so of course I did :-)

  • Yes you definately are allowed time off work for maternity appointments, which have to be

    paid in full by your company. All your maternity rights are stated in luck:)

  • lovely thanks for your advice, yes Ideally I would love my appointments to be when am off but doing shift work means I don't have the same days off so I just had to get the next appointment.

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