Little bean and heartbeat!

I've just had my second scan, and we saw a tiny heartbeat. I asked if she thought that was correct timing given that I think I am 6 weeks. She then said she thinks I'm only 5 weeks....! Surely I wouldn't see a heartbeat if I was only 5 weeks, right?! I also only started feeling nauseas yesterday.

Your experiences would be great to hear!


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5 Replies

  • Hi Duppy - i had a scan at 6 weeks and could see a tiny tiny dot (heart) so yes, you can ;-)

    congrats and all the best! x

  • woo hoo congrats, go with ur instinct, they will prob give u differing dates on ur 12 wk scan ah bet that was lovely to see x

  • :-D

    I think the term here is 'amazeballs'! So pleased for you xxx

  • I second that, Totes Amazeballs!! Xx

  • From six weeks is when the heartbeat goes into action! 12 week scan will be more accurate :)

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