Bleeding and confused

Hi everyone

I am 5 weeks 2days pregnant, this is my first pregnancy. On sat night I started bleeding a brown/ Red discharge (with no pain) but progressed to be heavier when wiping. I then got lower back pain. This bleeding lasted till 730 next morning where I am convinced I seen clotting. Obviously very upset think I have had a miscarriage. My problem is my bleeding its starting and stopping (not filling a pad) It's red blood but only when am peeing and wiping sorry for tmi.

I still feel pregnant. I don't know what I should do. Lastnight I had a really sore head with nausea and today still feel nauseas. Does anyone have any advice for me please as so worried and don't know what I should be doing. Thanks in advance x

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  • hi hun you need to call your dr today explain what has happened they will give you a form to take to your early pregnancy unit...where they will prob do your bloods and do a scan to see what is going on..they also like to rule out etopic pregnancy, my epu is lovely the people are so lovely, its such a scary time for you i hope everything works out ok, if you read on here some people have bled quite heavy and they are ok, so fingers crossed you are too, all the best xx

  • I agree with babymother you need to have a scan to see whats going on, fingers crossed its just hormones playing around.

    Take care x

  • HI xtine5, you need to go to A&E, dont call the doc just go and sit in your local hospital I tell the receptionist that you are pregnant and you have had bleeding and it is red blood and it seemed to have clots in. They will refer you to the EPU for a scan. On my first I had bleeding and the docs fobed me off saying take it easy and try and stay calm. I was like sod that I cant just take it easy I need to know what is going on. I went to my A&E department and they scanned me straight away at 6 weeks and just gave us peace of mind that the bake bean was still there and o.k.

  • Thank you for your replies I will do as you have said and demand I get checked out. I'd rather know either way. I will update ASAP. Thanks again x

  • Yes A&E definitely

  • Doctors won't do anything as I under went Ivf so said that its up to them to see me. I phoned them and I need to wait a week then test again to see if I have actually miscarried or not :( hate not knowing :(

  • u shouldn't be treated differently now ur pregnant, shouldn't matter how u got there!! shocking! Oh bless you what a horrible time for u. could try going to a&e ands see if they refer u? xx

  • I feel alone if that makes sense am being left to get on with it. I don't know what is goin on. I am ment to be back at work tomorrow but don't know if I should be going bk especially if I am going through a miscarriage or incase it's a threatened one. X

  • oh bless you, yeah can understand, theyshouldbemore understanding to what ur going thru! don't go back to work.wait and see what happens in the next couple off days.has the bleeding got heavier today? very bad really was it private ivf or nhs? u thinkthey would have some support set up for u either way. x

  • There is no point testing in a weeks time as it is going to say positive either way as you will still have really high hormone levels in your system. It took 8 weeks for me to get a negative test after a mc in Dec all the ones in between still showed positive even though I had lost it.

    It doesn't matter how you got pregnant the hospital have got a duty of care towards you and it needs to be checked out. You need to be persistant and go and park yourself in the waiting room at your A&E department like I did and you will get your answers...sorry to be blunt but you have got to be firm, it really irrataes me that woman get fobed off.

  • This one was NHS. No not heavier still the same. I think goin to A&E will have to be my next bet I think. It's stress full n am obviously worried. I just keep getting told to wait and that there is nothing they can do but knowing whats happening to me would be a good start.

    I have read that it takes longer than a week also so this why am confused. They said they can't give me a scan till 7 weeks as there will be nothing to see. X

  • try a&e this is so not fair on u xx

  • Hi, I would go to a and e if the doctor won't help you. I was referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit by my GP as I was spotting on and off and it was only every so often and when I wiped. Unfortunately for me my baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks so I am booked in for a d and c this week. However as previous posters have said LOTS of people have bleeding and they go on to have healthy pregnancies. It is the not knowing that is hard and you will test positive regardless as I did. They may not be able to see a heartbeat that early on with an internal scan but they can see if the measurements are as they should be to try and put your mind at rest. I hope you get it sorted and wish you lots of luck and positive thoughts! xx

  • Hi, I am so so sorry to hear your post, such sad news. I hope that you are doing ok, there are many good support sites incl the Miscarriage Association, I found it helped me understand and there is a helpline too. Big Hug xx

  • Hi, I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems and don't know where to turn. In the past I have self referred to the EPU for bleeding at my local hospital, don't bother with GP. If pain & bleeding concern you to point where you cannot wait then definitely get yourself down to A&E.

    Please don't delay, whatever the outcome it's better to know and understand what's happening to your body then not, i have been thorough 2 previous MC' and as I knew this was happening to me I was able to prepare & I decided to take the natural course of action then to have surgery.

    I hope you get yourself checked out and wish you all the best at this troubling time xx

  • Just a wee update. Hospital wouldn't see me. Said its not down to them I should be going to the Ivf clinic. They won't see me either as iv previously said. So that's me tried the Ivf clinic, my GP n hospital n no one will see me. Looks like I will be waiting, going stir crazy. Thanks for all you help, advice and support was much appreciated thank you x

  • I have had 2 lots of bleeding at 10wks and 11wks. I called my midwife help line, they called the early pregnancy unit at the hospital and on the first time got me a scan appointment for the same day. The second time they said they had no appointments but I went down and sat and waited, the doctor saw me first and then he confirmed I should be scanned so I just had to wait for the Sonographer to finish her clinic and then be seen. Both times baby is fine, I can't believe you can bleed so much and baby be ok, but so glad it is ok! Persever and try all different avenues to be seen at the epu. Good luck

  • I have had 2 lots of bleeding at 10wks and 11wks. I called my midwife help line, they called the early pregnancy unit at the hospital and on the first time got me a scan appointment for the same day. The second time they said they had no appointments but I went down and sat and waited, the doctor saw me first and then he confirmed I should be scanned so I just had to wait for the Sonographer to finish her clinic and then be seen. Both times baby is fine, I can't believe you can bleed so much and baby be ok, but so glad it is ok! Persever and try all different avenues to be seen at the epu. Good luck

  • Really am glad you and baby is well. It is crazy isn't it. I don't have any symptoms anymore tho. I had tender breasts intill today. I don't hold out much hope. I just want to know and be seen. Am going crazy and just want to know. Thanks for all advice and support. X

  • Hi there it's horrible that you have been left waiting. I had bleeding at 4.5 weeks 7 weeks and again at 11 weeks. All brownish red and only when I wiped. I had convinced myself there were clots too. I had a scan each time and was told it was old blood, if it was a miscarriage that it would look like a heavy period. I'm 17 weeks now and bleeding has stopped. Doctors said they can't explain why it happens but it is quite common. If it gets any heavier, redder in colour I would definitely go back to the doctor. I hope everything goes well for u and baby

  • Hi thanks for your comment I am trying to remain positive but it's been everyday not since Saturday. It's not like a period but it is red looks like fresh blood. I am bk in A&E just now as got back ache x

  • Hope they sort it out for u xx

  • Hi! Sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time! I just thought it might be reassuring to tell you that I had VERY heavy bleeding at 5 weeks. It was bright red and lasted about 2-3 days. And my baby was fine! Keep positive!

  • I was at the hospital managed to get an early scan on the 28th still a wait but better than nothing. I had to lie to get it mind you. But when asked about when i had my last period I said I was unsure as they were irregular so she then said how do u know ur 5wks 3days so had to come clean about Ivf. They were then going to take the appointment off me saying its up to clinic to see me. I had to persuade them to allow me to have it. Feel terrible about lying but they wouldn't see me any other way. Thanks for your comments or reassurance etc and advice.

    Bleeding is fresh red blood now still only when passing urine and wiping. With slight back ache. X

  • with ivf how many eggs do they implant?

  • It was just the one due to my slim build and age. X

  • sounds like it's not too heavy, doesn't matter thou does it any blood its scary, I had to wear a panty liner for 4 weeks and there would be quite a bit on there, so fingers crossed for u, I really hope everything is ok, xxxx

  • and u had to push for that it so wasn't fair xx

  • Yes i did. I just want to know now n feel that am being treated differently because it was Ivf an not a natural pregnancy. I do realise they may follow certain guidelines but am going crazy not knowing.

    Plus thought they could have atleast done some bloods to check or something. I think am prepared for the worst, but then again prob not as I am clinging to a little bit of hope that all is fine. X

  • I totally agree so not fair,once you, are pregnant you should be treated the same, oh bless you, have got everything crossed for u roll on the 28th xx

  • Thank you very much for your kind words and support. I hope all is well too would be great for some good news for a change. Xx

  • I am so glad that you are finally being seen , yet so outraged that the a& e department could be so cold and callous regarding any pregnant woman, regardless of how that happened, please let us know how you get on, hugs Xx

  • I find that totally shocking that you can not have a scan straight away and be reasured......i wish you the very best of luck....fingers crossed for the 28th.

  • Well I thot I would get a scan or atleast bloods taken but no. The thing is am going crazy am constantly googling things and I don't know what's going on. I am 95% sure iv had a miscarriage and just want it confirmed. Making me wait all this time is not good am I feel it's unfair. I jut need to know for my own sanity now and so I can move on and get back to work. Plus my partner just doesn't understand at all he said just wait its only 2 1/2 weeks but it frustrates me to think that SOME other women get seen as early as 5 weeks and they atleast get bloods taken. The Ivf clinic r useless as mentioned before have asked me to take another pregnancy test on Monday but IF I have miscarried on Sunday it wil still be positive surely. Then I won't be seen till my original date of 2nd April. It's just to much waiting around and I know you need to but it's the fact I feel alone and like no one wants to help :( if it wasn't for all everyone on here I think I would be insane by now. So thank you x

  • how have u been today? x

  • Hi babymother am ok. I thot I had stopped bleeding today but just been to the toilet and iv started bleeding again. I don't hold out to much hope to be honest. Just want to know now. How are you ? X

  • oh bless, would u say it's like s normal period Or less? I've had some pains today and I've started bleeding again, not heavy, , just got used to no bleeding, so feeling a bit fed up, , not knowing what's going on is stressful :-(

  • No it's not a normal period it's only when am passin urine as wiping. It was heavish but now it's not. It keep stopping and startin. Iv stopped again now. It's very weird but am sure iv miscarried as it was heavier on Sunday n I had bad back ache Saturday night. Oh I know what you mean it's the not knowing. Am sure you will be fine. How far along are you?have you contacted you epu or GP?try not to stress, I know easier said than done tho. Take care xx

  • I've just taken a test and its negative already. Absolutly gutted/ heartbroken but Least I know now. I was pregnant for 1 short week :( x thank you for all your support. X

  • oh bless your heart am so sorry to hear that xxx

  • Thank you babymother. Hope you are feeling better now. X

  • will u be able to have another course of ivf,? I hope that they will be more helpful and that u will have some good news again soon xx

  • I've been feeling really sick again today, And bleeding has stopped, very strange Will ring hosp Mon to see what they say???

  • So sorry to hear that x

  • Yes I am entitled to another 2 shots. I have previously had 1 go privately 2 years ago but didnt get as far as transfer.i just couldn't believe my eyes when I finally after years of trying I got my very first positive. I hope next time will be different. I have 8 eggs frozen fertilised on day 1. That's a good sign that you have stopped bleeding and are feeling sick. Let me know how you get on.

    Thanks Loumcg83. Xx

  • Oh bless you can be a long process with lots of tears, my friend had 2 lots of ivf as they said she could never concieve naturally, and she luckily had 2 children but then by some miracle she fell naturally! sometimes your body surprises you, you came this far this time I really hope it happens for you next time, pls let us know how u get on will be thinking of you, I just feel like I'm on a rollacoaster, I've never been so anxious and too scared to be excited!, will let you know xxx

  • Really that's good to know. I think I will need I wait 3 months before I try again tho, suppose its a good things gives my body time to get back to normal. I will keep you informed. Please keep me update on yourself. Am sure you will and baby will be fine. But I know what you mean I kindy felt the same in that short week, prob not to the extent you do now tho. Hope all is well and take care xxx

  • Just an update was at Ivf clinic and got confirmed today that i was right it wanindeed a miscarriage. I now need to wait for 4/5 months to get back on the top of the list for my 2nd attempt. Lets hope this next one works x

  • Ah bless how u feeling?, do they recommend you taking any vitamins? I took pregnacare a month before I started trying think that helped me.. Just wondering if it would help you? Also they say u should be taking folic acid for a few months before trying and the pregnacare has it all in... and you never know in the meantime what oould happen! I'll be thinking of you let me know how you get on, I've got my 12 week scan in 3 weeks so nervous pregnancy is such a delicate thing from start to finish then when they are here u can't stop worrying either! Tc Xxx

  • Hi babymother I was taken pregnycare for 2 months before I had my transfer and thereafter. Am still taking it now, believe its best to for next time. I also drank ovaltine which had folic acid in it aswell as vitamin b etc. I didn't drink tea or coffee, I was eating a balanced diet and tried to exercise as much as I cld (just walked. Dogs)

    I believe I done all I could have done but obviously something went wrong but what I don't know. I was reading that having a tilted uterus could be a reason for miscarriage or low hormone levels so going to ask the clinic to investigate this as I have pcso. I cld be totally wrong but no harm in asking and having things checked I suppose.

    I know what u mean about pregnancy being a nervous time. You never stop worrying tbh. Let me know how ur scan goes, glad all is well. Thanks for keeping in contact. Xx

  • Oh and am ok still upset obviously. Just can't believe it didn't work I really thot it would have. I don't smoke, drink n coz I was doing my best to be health n take my vitamins etc i thot it would have worked. Feel angry at myself some days but it will get easier. How's u? X

  • oh of course u must be after going thru all the highs ands lows, sounds like u are doing all u can, pls don't be hard on yourself... have to stay's what keeps u going x having pcos I think makes u higher risk of miscarriage...but getting pregnant really helps I really hope that this time will work for u xx ivf is quite intensive isn't it? Will u have to wait 3-4 months to start the process our will they start your process earlier and then implant egg in 3-4 months? I hope the time flies for u! I'm ok ta good days and really rough days... just counting the days, my friend sadly lost her baby at 14 weeks recently and it just makes u realise how delicate pregnancy is every step of the way and it makes me think about what the consultant said to me about higher risk of miscarriage being an older mum! ion so much more anxious then I ever was with my other children, don't want to get too excited cos that makes mine feel scared, but then have hope that everything will be ok, been very emotional this week crying at everything, feel really pmt!! hormones are a mad thing what us women have to go thru!! so lucky were the stronger sex!!! :-) x

  • I didn't know that people with pcso was at higher risk of miscarriage.

    :( I hope next time it works. Yes it's very intensive, long process too. I had to get internal scans every 3/4 days. Plus there's the hoping that everything goes how it's ment to go. Ie eggs fertilising etc. I have to wait 4/5 months before any treatment.

    I think the miscarriage has just hit me today feel really sad, angry etc saw a bright star in the sky tonight and had to say a few words to our little one. (Crazy a know)

    Sorry to hear such sad news about your friend. Life is so cruel.

    I can imagine how nervous you mayb about the pregnancy am sure you will be fine. When do u have your scan again? X

  • oh bless you, thinking of u, u have to go thru the grieving process to come out the otherside..u never know what May happen in between, I'm a believer in miracles do happen! I've got my scan on the 17th xx

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