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Why do I want to chew sponges?

I can't stop thinking about sponges!!! It is so embarrassing!

I have to kitchen sponges in the bathroom which I squirt with bathroom cleaner and then I scrub the sink indulging in the smell, the sound and the touch. I do it a few times a day at least. Then there's my bath sponge and today I bit it to have my jollies of the feel on my teeth. Then I soak it in water and lather it up which comforts me! I'm in bed right now wanting sponge! I've been like it since week 33! Never been bothered by sponges in the past. Why am I having this kinaesthetic craving? I don't want ingest them but instead satisfy my senses!

I feel embarrassed to admit it but would love to find out why it's happening!

Anyone having unusual non food cravings/obsessions?

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Hiya, you have a condition called pica, meaning the want to eat non edible objects.

Some docs believe its to o with iron deficiency or some sort of nutrition that is needed by the body, hence some people eat clay and chalk!

Or docs say it a response to stress for example a lathered up sponge is soft and comforting hence why you may crave the touch of the sponge.

If this has been going on for a month talk to a doc to get bloods taken to heck your nutrion levels.

Otherwise it's just another strange pregnancy thing!



Hello! :o)

Fascinating! I don't want to swallow the sponge so perhaps it is for comfort.

The decorating hadn't been done till I did it recently and that made me very anxious and it was cleaning the walls with a sponge and sugar soap water that set it off when I was finishing the prep. Not having a name for squiggly is stressing me out too (my partner doesn't like any names I suggest, and hasn't got time to sit and come up with many suggestions of his own, frankly we have opposing tastes for names) Perhaps I'm getting comfort/reassurance from the sponges as it's immediate and accessible. I didn't think to connect stress management with the sponge. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for helping me join the dots skyblueboston! xxxx


That's ok Hun, in regards to names pin your hubby down lol, or get some pink and blue paper write the names down that you like, pin them all over the house, like on mirrors so when he is doing he morning or evening routine he has no choice but to look at them! Tell him he can take a few down that he doesn't like, then hope fully you will be left with a few!

Or if you make his lunch for him put a new name in his lunchbox everyday:)


You are not alone, a very good friend of mine did the same.


my friend used to chew the edge of her towel when pregnant she just had a really bad urge to do it , it stopped after she had the baby, chew away if it makes u feel better :-)


My currently pregnant friend has a thing for Dove soap where she can't stop using it and has been occasionally biting into a bar of it!


eww no, soap in the mouth, that cannot be nice


Your opening line intrigued me! Its definately not a Pica thing unless you do want to actually swallow it. Who knows why these things happen, so long as its not harming you then who cares eh, I am sure it will pass :) It could be a comfort thing like you say but again, i wouldn't worry about it...hey...its just your thing and something you can laugh about in times to come and tell your baby X


I have been chewing on spunges since my early teens but I never swollow them. I also prefer certain ones. I wasn't pregnant then and haven't been yet. I just love the feeling of it in my mouth.


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