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Movements - almost fifteen weeks pregnant

Hi everyone,

For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling little flutters whenever I have had something for dinner mostly lunches with some kind of liquid in. But since Thursday I haven't felt a thing and im quite worried, I think it's because of my past missed miscarriage which has made me worry more than I would have if it was my first pregnancy. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might be able to try to get them to do some jumping? I rang the midwife this morning and she has told me to call them back after a couple of days if I still haven't felt anything. They said they would have brought me in if I was a little further along but don't want to worry me if they can't find a heartbeat let alone two of them. Has this happened to anyone else? I think I have felt them so early purely because of the fact that there are two babies xxxx

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Bit shocked they said to go in after a couple of days ESP carrying twins thought you were looked after a bit more....I'd ring back and saying that ur worried and don't want to wait any longer! My EPU is fantastic they always take u in and check you over if you haven't felt movement that day! And they have people in who are early! ring them back...or go and see your g.p bless you, if you haven't felt much since thurs why would they want to wait longer? And your peace of mind is important! Def ring back and say your not happy with that hope you get seen today! xx


They said they would check for heartbeats etc but they think with me being a bit early they don't want to worry me even more if they can't find a heartbeat. My epu sometimes take up to three days to see you and thats if you have had pains and or bleeding so I know this would not be possible either. It is horrible being in limbo but what can I do? There's nothing the doctors do I have been to them in a previous pregnancy and they just tell you to wait and see which is obviously of little help. I just hope I feel them soon x


Hi Kazzacollie, seeing as you're only 15 weeks and that is on the early side to be feeling movement anyway, I would try not to worry too much. As I understand it, they only recommend you monitor movement from week 28 because it may not be regular before then. I will be 28 weeks on Thursday and recently had a couple of days where I wasn't sure I had felt anything, but then, sure enough, it started again and I've since seen the midwife and everything is fine. I didn't feel any movement until about week 17 and it was very light, fluttery and sporadic for a few weeks before developing into unambiguous kicks and punches! But as everyone else says, best to see your midwife just to put your mind at rest xx


Would you feel better if they checked for heartbeat? That sounds shocking....I had bleeding at 5 wks 6 days and was given a scan that day and my bloods are you going to get them to check the heartbeats? You could arrange for a private scan? I really feel for you xx


Just spoken to my midwife basically told to hand in a water sample at my doctors as I had some pain yesterday, they still won't do anything.... I feel more alone being passed twelve weeks than I was when I was six weeks pregnant. It's an absolute joke!!!


15 weeks is early to feel movements especially regular movements, I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and aby boy is quieter some days and more active other days.

I lay on my side drink freezing cold water and some choc, and he soon gives me a kick lol.

I felt some occasional movement from 13 weeks, it was flutters up to about. 18 weeks then the feelings became more stronger, now he can kick me very hard.

My friend is having twins she is 17 weeks and as not felt movement yet!

I ave an angle sounds doppler from amazon, maybe buy one to put your mind at rest:)

Also if you are very worried demand to be seen :)


Kazza, I feel nothing at mo...I was curious about this as was clueless as to when u might, after my last scan I think we have a lazy bubba shrimp anyway...exhausting business this growing. My preg bible says 16+ weeks to feel butterflies & later if 1st preg as they say we don't know what they are!! So more like 18 weeks when bubs starts to run about of room! XxX


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