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Vaccine schedule

Hey ladies, does anyone at the full term, or aware of it, can tell me if there is any vaccine schedule for pre-pregnancy?

I heard of whooping cough vaccines, not sure when they have to be administered, and by whom, do we have to make a GP appointment for it or does the mid-wife sorts it out? any ideas ??

I have my mid-wife appointment on Tuesday, I have so far neither heard them talking of vaccines or had any leaflet talking about the same and as I have not had any major pregnancy concern about the baby development, I have not really had any GP appointment.

I am now 22 weeks

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Whooping cough vaccine is given between 28-35 weeks.ask your midwife for this or gp.

Flu jab is given in the flu season given by your gp.



I don't think you need the flu jab now as it's probably out of season tbh, but they will tell you when it's time for your whooping cough vaccine it should of been spoken about before now so you are aware, at my surgery it's the nurse who administers the vaccines so my midwife asks me there and then if I'd like it done while I'm there and I have to wait to go through x


Thanks ladies. Are those the only two ? or could there be more. also given that i am an Asian (which is categorized as TB and etc prone area - I do not see going to my parents' place for a long time after the baby is born though). Also I had a yellow fever vaccine in 2010 while traveling in Africa, really very confused about the vaccines.



To be honest my midwife didnt tell me about whooping cough vaccine. I was told on my yoga pregnancy class. This is normally between 28-35 weeks. If your blood is RH - you will be given Anti D injection (mine was ) in 28 weeks .There is a flu jab as well this is an optional as well. Hope that will help.


There's just the two above. They're all optional. This outbreak is the first time that the Whooping Cough vaccine has been offered to women in pregnancy, they've been using it in the US on pregnant women for 18 months. They will inoculate the baby in an organised schedule from aged two months onward. You will provide some immunity from breastfeeding to protect the baby too. I was asked about TB risk at my first midwife appointment, ie who's got TB in the family because of my partner being from SA. She judged the risk then. We are planning to go to a TB area, so babba will be inoculated at 2 months for this


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