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Eyesight during pregnancy

Ugh... I've had to change my lenses twice already during pregnancy, it's so expensive. My eyes are hurty again, headaches coming back and I just can't afford to get any more lenses as they are more or less £200 a go and I really have to spend my money on Squiggly arriving.

Can some one shed light on why eyesight can change so much during pregnancy? What causes it exactly? I'm fascinated! Does the eye prescription change back or remain the same or steadily get worse post pregnancy?

Thanks in advance for any pearls of wisdom! :)

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Hey, I am facing the terrible increase in my eye sight too. I was a glass wearer so now I have switched to daily disposable contact lenses.

I am on monthly contract with Vision Express ( They are charging me around 25 pounds through direct debit per month for 20 pairs of soft-lenses, they have several options for 20 days or 30 days.

On my first visit they charged me 75 pound which was basically the price for the three month lens supply for the variety i opted for and included eye-checkup and consultation and 10 extra pairs as trial lens.

I am on a direct debit contract with them that allows me for free check-ups whenever I feel my eyesight has changed again, and I can always change the stock of lens that I already have with the new prescription (in case there is further fluctuation). And in case I want to switch back to glasses I can exchange my left-over stock of lenses with a pair of glasses...and i dont loose any money in the transaction.

Also I saw similar options, with 20-20 and I am sure most of the optical chain stores across UK would have the same.

I am told that normally until after the baby is 6 months, we might experience this eyesight fluctuation, due to all that various stuffs happening to our bodies. But it normally stabilize (for good or bad) after that. Maybe avoid over-stressing your eyes and use of computer :) (which in my case is bit unhandy, especially if I am on a write-up schedule)


Oh, if only I could wear contacts! I have stigmatism quite severely and when I explored contacts in the past it cost me heaps as the lenses came from Spain. I don't watch too much telly but I do write a bit and knit and crochet frequently but don't really need glasses to do that if I can memorise the pattern. I just have to put up with the eyesight being off, seriously have no spare funds to go a third time. Oosh! Though it frustrates me having this optical issue it is all worth it to make Squiggly, she's the priority now and in the future! :) xxx


Oh! that is sad. Although I am myself quite afraid to wear lenses, it nearly got me blind few years ago was the shittiest two days of my life so far.

But this time I trusted the specialist when she said that lenses have improved in last 10 years time :) . So far its been not that bad, although I am always conscious that I am on lenses.

Well we can only hope to have a stabilized number in few months :)


Could you ladies not yet this free on the nhs?


Sadly no, or at least that's my understanding. I wish that it was though! :)


Yeah even as far as I know its not covered by NHS. Infact I was told that regular eye-tests are only bi-annual and anytime in between have to be paid by you.


Hi kaleidoscope, I have an astigmatism too and have managed to get lenses which aren't extortionate online (not through the opticians). Mine isn't classed as 'severe' but they do seem to have much stronger prescriptions than mine available to choose.

I have used feel good contact lenses and contact lenses express. I generally go for 3 months supply which cost me about £55, but there are cheaper options available, might be worth alook if you know your prescription.

Good luck, Cx


i went to the opticians today and they said they would give me an eye test but they don't usually encourage it during pregnancy because your eye prescription can go up and down during pregnancy, they said to come bk 3 months after giving birth and they will sort me out with new glasses then as if they did it now then they may have to do do it again in 7/8 months so i am surprised that ur optician didn't say that as that's a lot of money to spend when you may have to do it again when your not pregnant.


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