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Help/Encouragement Needed

Morning Everyone, I'm really struggling at the moment, as I feel so low. I'm pregnant with my first, only 5.5 weeks, and no sickness (yet), but I am so up and down emotionally. One minute I'm positive, then exhausted, then miserable. I know I am taking it out on my partner, which is making me feel guilty. I really have no reason to feel this way, so I don't understand it! Has anyone else gone through this/felt this way? What can I do? Am I not getting enough vitamins? Sleep? Not eating right? Help!

Also, After my scan last week, Docs also found a 10cm cyst on my ovary. Should I be concerned?

Would also be nice to meet other newly pregnant women in same area?

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Oh BLESS YOU, It's perfectly normal to have the occassional mood swings "especially in early pregnancy" but you should always remember to take care of yourself too. If you become sick because of eating habits or etc.... i don't think it will be very good for the baby's development.

I'm 8 wks pregnant with my 2nd child & feel very low at times, my way of dealing with it is listening to my favourite music & chillin' out for about 30 mins

If you get to a point where u can't take anymore contact your G.p or NHS Direct for medical advise, BUT all in all just try to take it easy.


Hiya, nope you are not alone and certainly not the only newly pregnant lady that feel so emotional.

I'm going on for 26 weeks, and the whole journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, crying, not sleeping, too much sleep, sickness, anxiety, joy, excitement, you name I have felt it.

Unfortunately I have been a bit of a moody cow to my hubby,but hey he understands:)

You need to take time out for yourself, read a book, have a pamper day, be in your own what ever makes you feel calm. You are going through massive changes.

I was given a number by my midwife for a midwife that helps women who may get depression or finding the adjustment difficult.

On a personal level I felt more emotionally secure from week 12 after seeing my baby was fine. Still get wobbly days but I think we all do.

Take care x


Hi there.

It is quite normal to feel moody, sometimes a bit sad( as I found in both of my pregnancies)- without any reason whatsoever.

In my opinion, the best thing would be to start exercising- not only will it help with the mood swings, but will also be beneficial for you and the baby, and will definitely help you sleep(if not now, then in the future). If you are not a gym member, try going for walks. This walk should be more of a power walk rather than a light stroll, so that you would get a bit out of breath, and have to push yourself a bit. I used to give myself 30 minutes(and I actually did have a time constraint as had to pick up my older child form an activity) to walk to the supermarket and back. It was a bit of a stretch, and if I walked fast enough- then would even have enough time to buy something. Other times- would have to turn around without getting there. But it did make a huge difference. And I believe it may help you with mood swings- which, trust me, are very very normal.

Otherwise, good luck with the pregnancy, hope you do not get any morning sickness, and hope you do make mums-to-be friends soon.


Just remembered something- apparently, all these mood swings are due to the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body now that you are pregnant. So everyone would go thru mood swings in their pregnancy.


Thanks Ladies. I think i'm going to get off my bottom and go swimming... Might take my mind off my awful mood!

I think because not many people know i'm pregnant, i dont have many to share what i am going through with, which is also getting me down! Bloomin hormones huh!

Thank you for taking your time time to reply! xxx


I threatened my husband and demanded divorce else I die on the day I discovered that I am pregnant. I cursed my parents for asking me to get married (and I am not even 1 year married yet). Wrote to my best friend that my life is over and it took me almost until I saw the baby during my first scan to come to terms with my pregnancy. Even until my 16th week, I was not really interested in talking about babies (as I felt scared) I told my supervisors on my 14th week that I am pregnant (they sounded more happy and excited than me, honestly)

I was jealous of all the moms and moms-to-be, who would say that they can feel things about the and they knew if its gonna be girl or boy. i on other hand had no clue, I dint event wanted to have a baby, I was planning in my mind to give my baby to my Mom and MIL and run away to some exotic place (maybe to Ho Chi Min City).

But all these weeks living with the baby inside me, has only made me more patient. To an extent I also thank my Husband, who has been overtly supportive. (like the time when I was crying like an abused woman and asking for divorce, he made sure I see a doctor immediately - just to cause an intervention in my thought process - and every next time till the point that one day he said, you want a divorce so we can probably go buy it at M&S :P (that made me laugh so much).

But over the last few weeks, especially since i have discovered that I have a baby girl, I am feeling so attached to the idea of being a mommy - its just so unlike me i guess - but now at 22 weeks, I think every thing else can wait and the only thing which I want to come soon is July 2013 and my baby girl :)

Dont worry, it would be all fine, as the baby starts moving around :) they are such happiness ! my little girl plays knock-knock with me already. Give yourself some time, the baby is there, its going to be the love of your life, so maybe whenever you feel angry take a deep breath and sleep :)


Aww Hun! It's all entirely normal! You will reach a stage towards the start of your second trimester when you will almost miss feeling like this as it's evidence you are pregnant! Then your bump or bumpetta will start using you as a punch bag and remind you that you are :-D

Ovarian cysts are also not uncommon findings in early pregnancy (around 1:500 pregnant ladies have one) and are part of something called the Corpus Leutum which basically is what makes progesterone to support your pregnancy until your placenta forms and takes over , and shouldn't cause you too much grief. Chances are there will be no sign of it at your 12 week scan. If it is still there, they will take another look at your 12/40 scan and keep an eye on it. Rarely they cysts can keep growing, and if they take up too much room you may be offered a laparoscopic procedure to essentially pop it.


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