Does anyone else use rosehip oil and is it safe to use during pregnancy?

I've been using this on my skincare for a number of years and now wondering whether it is safe to use during pregnancy, The brand i use says it contains bio-available trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A) I've been trying to do some research on the internet and some pages seem to suggest it is fine to use during pregnancy but i want to be sure that it's OK to use because of the vitamin a content! Has anyone else sought advice on this?


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  • Oh yeah vitamin a is to be avoided, check with a pharmacist, or health food shop, think they would be able to shed Some light on it,, but then again it would say in the bottle not suitable door pregnant women, where do u buy it from, could u check with them? Sounds like good stuff thou! Wouldn't mind trying it myself :-)

  • Afraid Vitamin A is to be avoided - it's linked to possible harm to the foetus. I know because suffer from skin problems myself and bought some cream to use in early pregnancy only to realise I couldn't use it anymore.

  • Try using bio oil instead expensive but brilliant :)

  • Hey I got bio-oil at the pound store the other day while I was hunting for compost !! :) surprises and good ones ;)

  • It's retinol Vitamin A, from meat, that needs to be avoided when choosing supplements. Check with your pharmacist/midwife/health food store x

  • Hi all

    I spoke to my midwife and she said tit was fine to continue using the rosehip oil as it would only be a problem if you were ingesting vitamin a through food. By the way, Bio-oil also contains vitamin A having looked at the ingredients so i don't think they would be recommending that for use in pregnancy if it wasn't safe either! :)

  • *it* not tit - oops!

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