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Movement Patterns

I'm 32 weeks and still have no real patterns to bump's movements. He is definitely squirming away in there (quite painfully at times!) and I have heard the heart beat, but I am not recognising any really patterns, with some days having a lot less noticeable movements than others.

I am seeing my midwife on Monday so I will discuss it with her then, but wondered if I'm alone in this or if anyone else is experiencing the same?

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I normally have the movements during late evening and early mornings and sometimes in the mid-day. But surely if i drink coffee or tea or a glass of coke (never three together in the same day)

And yup the baby also respond to certain music (choosy one I can say)

But about how many times the baby moves in an hour or a minute, honestly I dont know and I dont think that is even possible to know - atleast not for me as I am only 22 week now. I am not sure if it would be the same situation at 32 weeks though.


I'm 25 weeks nearly 26, he moves mornings, evenings and as I drop off to sleep most days, also now I feel him during the day but not a regular pattern, sometimes when I eat and drink I might get a kick or movement but again not always!

I read that as long as you feel 10 movements a day you should be fine. Also if your busy rushing about you may not feel movements, I feel mine when resting mainly :)


Hi, I am 33 weeks today and also don't recognise any real pattern except from him being most active in the evenings and maybe when my stomach is full :D

As you, I feel the little one moving around on different occasions throughout the day, sometimes more and sometimes less, and as long as this is the case, I do not worry. I think every baby is different, and my own movement pattern also changes occasionally from more active to more lazy days ;)

Maybe discuss it with your midwife to put your mind at ease, but I really don't think you need to worry.


My experience has been different with both pregnancies, my first i got little kicks throughout the day and then on an evening when i laid down he would almost play about with hands or feet showing when he kicked, this time around its very random maybe during the night which can wake me, or when i sit down or when i do too much, etc... he also doesnt kick he just wiggles which is very uncomfortable,i have put it down to the babies own personality. the only downside is its hard for my partner and son to catch him moving so havent really experienced it much. otherwise baby is very happy inside.


Thank you everyone for your replies, that really has put my mind at ease.

As much as I kept telling myself every baby is different I just hadn't encountered anyone else with quite such random movements as me, all my NCT class seem to have patterns of movement every evening / morning and at my last appointment my midwife was talking about their importance and noting any changes in the patterns, but they are different daily for me.

As with your second pregnancy belle143 and your experience newlywed, it really is quite random and I think depends on my activities. Some days (mainly Sundays when I'm resting) he'll go mad for pretty much the whole day and sometimes I can't sleep because he's squirming so much, but other days, like yesterday when I sat down there wasn't anything I really felt all evening/night and most of this morning. but he's just had a crazy 10mins when I put some music on, so obviously just very random!

Thank you again.


Hi, i am currently 36+2 with my third and i don't always have the same pattern. Someday baby moves a lot when i am in bed (night or morning) or after meal times. Last weekend i was a little worried has baby didn't.move too much but after something cold he did. I then realised that because my house was quiet (7 & 2 yr old) who like to tease each other and one always ends up crying and my mum wasn't around shouting at them ( i can ignore the.noise but when my mum visits she can't), has soon as they were was kicking to their noise. I was told on Tuesday to get use to their.pattern and not 10 movements a day but it does vary a lot in what you are doing. If i am busy with ky 2 yr old i don't feel as much.movement compared to when i am relaxing. I.would speak to.your midwife and she will be able to out and put your mind at ease.


I expressed concern at no real pattern of movement at my 25 week midwife appt. He liked to move around when swimming, but doesn't now, then at night, now not really so much. She said as long as he does move every day, I shouldn't be worried, but to contact my care-provider if I am.


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