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Well it's official gone off tea and coffee taste buds are up the wall.... Love just drinking cold water now that's a first! But just want to eat crap food! Sooooo bad .......Kentucky, wimpy, maccy d's and tonight I'm having pie and chips from the chip shop been dreaming about it all day!!! I'm not even 8 weeks yet I'm gonna get soooo fat! :( not good! But just can't help it reckon its a girl!


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  • I needed starchy, sugary food and I couldn't bear food prep all the way through the first trimester. Then I felt normal again and could eat normal things. Once I got a handle on my new sugar addiction, my weight gain became more normal too. Don't fret, just enjoy eating what you want for a while........

  • Oh i hope so, made a lovely shepherd pie last nite couldn't stomach it tasted funny! Actually fancied rice crispies so had a bowl of that instead with loss of sugar! So that was a bit healthier! Tried to have some fresh pineapple today just didn't taste nice loved it a couple of wkds ago, hopefully things will get better with the next trimester! :-) do u know what ur having blue321 or an inkling?

  • Lol this was me exactly at eight weeks :)

  • Nice to know I'm not the only one ??

  • Big Mac cravings now passed. Can still eat the best part of a jar of Branston in one go!

  • hahaha I had to laugh at the Branston comment

  • Thought it was just me, I can't stomach anything I prepare and just want junk instead!!!

  • I confess to eating a tonne of junk food recently... burgers, chips, fried chicken... I've had a very very varied diet since being pregnant. I just give in to my whims. Why not eh? I went off ice cream would you believe, I mean, something is wrong with that? ;) Thankfully I'm ok to eat it now... but instead of foods I'm craving things to touch... sponges with bathroom spray on it...

  • I dont like yoghurts but cant stop eatting them now am 22 weeks pregnant

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