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Rude comments- How to handle?

I am 32 weeks now and the weight that I have gained is only baby bump nothing around the body. My BMI before pregnancy was 22.5.

Since I am 30 weeks or so I get comments on face or behind me: "you carrying twins?"

"why r u still at work? Why dont you take leave" & "Oh! your due date is still far... r u having an elephant?"

I am actually feel good to work and keep myself active. I really do not understand why people are bothered about a pregnant lady.

Is this what any of you is also facing? How to overcome such rude comments?

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A sense of humour always helps :D . People can be so mean and they don't even know it.


Omg! I'm all baby bump too, no one as Been rude to me yet, but knowing how snappy I am I'm sure I would be rude back :)


Oh gosh I've had comments like that for ages! I'm now 40 weeks and waiting (im)patiently.......!

There's something in people which takes away the common sense when they talk to a pregnant lady. They would never dream of telling a non pregnant lady that she was looking big, why do it to a pregnant lady!!

I've smiled through gritted teeth and taken all comments gracefully and then vented to my husband or friends


I had the same issue, I'm always been a curvy one and my belly only started to show around week 25 but had exactly the same comments from the same male colleagues and used to put me down, sometimes you think on answering back but what's the point, what do they know?..,

Im 39 weeks now and my belly has always measured 2cm bigger than average this is due to a couple of fibroids and a happy big baby and if you think about it 2cm is not much so they way I think is, if I'm healthy and my baby is healthy that's all it matters, I used to avoid seeing these guys but if it gets to much try being polite and remind them that you are growing a person, you are carrying a little miracle....

Also in my work those comments are seeing as discrimination and bully and I will imagine everywhere is the same, is not somewhere I Would like to go but just in case starts affecting you you may need to brng it up to your employer.....

Try to enjoythis time, showing belly and baby movements are the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, don't let anyone taking that away from you....

Good luck!!!


People tend to open mouth before engaging brain! You could take the cheeky approach and say something personal about their appearance and when they look stunned say " oh! I thought it was ok to comment as you did about my bump!". Take the guilt laden approach and pretend to look crushed and rush away as though you are upset. Honest approach and say that you find the comments over personal and a little upsetting

Or just smile and ignore them. Just remember you are a beautiful pregnant woman doing an amazing thing by nurturing a new life.


Thank you all for the responses. I am really feeling more confident now and feel so good about my bump. It is a life time opportunity for a women and a very very special time... I would take more pics of me & my baby bump... :)


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