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Pregnancy weight gain??

How much weight has any one else put on ? I'm 32 weeks and I've already put on 19kg.. But I still look the same as I used to just with a bump.. Doesn't look like I have put on weight apart from my bump and boobs.. I've read for a normal bmi your ment to put on 11-16kg by the end of pregnancy but I've still got 8weeks of major weight gain and growing to do....

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Hi Gemmw.i'm only 17weeks and has already put on 4kg.with my first son (9years ago) i've put 20kg.i've lost all baby weight by breast feeding as i was on diet.well mainly eating healthy took me 6months and my bmi was under 25. 9years later and before i got pregnant my bmi was 29 lol.i'm scared how i'm gonna look when i'm nearly ready to drop as i'm older and wont breast feed this time so its gonna be harder to lose all the you not on your own.i think there is loads of women worrying about their weight.but what we have to remember is that we carrying something so precious and it will be worth it xx


no its not that im worried about my weight like that or worried about losing it... just worried that im putting on more when than i should be ... im not over eating if anything i probably dont eat enough... i was 9stone before i got pregnant.. but started gaining weight fast as soon as i got pregnant... x


I'm 25 weeks going into week 26 I have put on two stone, one dress size up from my usual! 2.7 stone is the max I think! Oh well I may go over this but like u I'm not overheating for me its to do with my pcos and issues with sugar and carbs, but as long as baby is fine I'm not too worried!


I was told you put on weight up to week 36 then it slows down in the last 4 weeks, so you may only have 4 more weeks when you will put weight on.


Hiya, I've put on about 15 kgs and am 39 weeks today. My weight gain in the last 6 wks has been approx 2.7 kgs so it did slow a bit. Since you can see yourself that it is not excessive gain all over your body, it's probably nothing to be concerned about. Maybe try a pregnancy fitness class to make new friends and make you feel better. x


Hey, I was also worried about my weight gain and losing it as I lost 2 stone before I got pregnant and was enjoying the 'skinny' me. I have now put on 20kg over 3 stone at the 36 week mark - eeekkk!! Midwife didn't seem worried though. Just think the day you have the baby the placenta weighs the same plus all the 'water'. I have also heard if you breastfeed the weight drops off.

Just remember your baby needs to be strong to go through labour with you, you cancl deal with the weight loss after. Your midwife will be checking if you have diabetes or the baby is growing too big so you'll be fine

take care h x


I got a bit freaked out by the idea of having a ma-hoo-sive sugar baby when I put on nearly the upper limit of the recommended weight gain for a normal BMI by 20 weeks gestation.

I'm 26 weeks now and haven't put on a kilo since then! The care team all say that this is not a problem at all as long as I am eating healthily and regularly as my baby bump is exactly the right size. Because I had developed a massive love of cake, sweets and chocci, the forum girls recommended:

Not to stress about the doctor's targets and definitely don't obsess as you can lose it after

Cut down on sugar, sports drinks, cake etc

Walk a bit more, like getting off the bus a stop earlier and

Drink water before eating

That's what I did and the weight gain has slowed. I still eat 6 times a day, I've just cut out the endless cake and sugar, just having a cake as a special treat as it doesn't have nutritional value for my little man, just silly calories.

Hop this helps! xx


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