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Dirreha at 26 weeks

Hi everyone

Im 26 weeks pregnant and ive had a bad diarreha, i dont know what to do as i am scared of eating anything, i drank alot of milk during the day and i felt sick in the night, i just dont know what to do, its really annoying and this has been going on for 2 days, babys movement is normal, so im not sure if this is common or i have a bug? Please help

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It does sound like a bug, but always give your midwife a ring if you're concerned.

I'm no expert but I think you're supposed to avoid dairy when you have an upset stomach. Stick to plain food like toast... and bananas help with any dehydration.

Take care of yourself - I had about 4 days of it a short while back (think was a touch of food poisoning). x


yeh try eating dry toast and biscuits, try and drink lots of water or squash, would avoid milk it probably isn't doing u much favours!


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