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Bad day today :(

Well today i feel so crappy. Got the flu i think, runny nose, sore throat, headache and my back. I havent even got a baby bump yet and already my top half of my back is so painful, and the sickness is getting worse. I havent actualllly thrown up, just heaving and having that sickly feeling. Im never ill but when i am its like the worse rver. I just feel crap today, even got sent home early from work as my manager says i look like death. Charming! But at least me and my partner will have a beautiful child at the end. I cant wait, just want time to hurry up! Off to yoga tonight so hopefully ill feel better :)

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I felt like tht between about 8-13 weeks, am now 14w 5d and am eating much more and I feel happier, am still ill in the morning but Its only water and I never feel ill, just kind of do it and go, I got so annoyed coz I felt awful but now I feel there is some light at the end of the tunnel and I just think in 6 months it will all b worth it! hope u feel btr soon x


Hi Hun, yep I remember feeling like that till about 11 weeks, felt stuffy in the nose, back ache, tired, almost felt like I had a hangover lol.

Did u get a urine test done?

If u feel ill, don't push yourself to do exercise just rest xxx


Hi, i know exactly how you feel, I was like that up to 13 weeks, it will get better, try and rest as having a cold and sore throat makes you feel bad enough as you can't take anything! You are No1 now so look after yourself!

I'm 28 weeks now and do feel like myself again apart from the odd back pain,

Don't feel like you are alone though, talk to family and friends about how you are feeling.



I had severe top half of my back pain about the same stage ( now 20w2d) I found when I stopped wearing underwired bras the pain went away x


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