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Anyone else had major pregnancy grumps during the last few weeks?

I need a HUGE moan.

35 weeks (well, tomorrow I will be) and I'm exhausted, grumpy and not feeling very well. Although my fiance has been great with bringing me food and drinks. I feel very irritable towards him and yet desperate to be hugged. We've had a few misunderstandings (mainly in choosing babies name, he likes very traditional names and doesn't like anything I've suggested, I like unique names and actually like a couple that he's suggested. Not having a name for Squiggly is making me a little anxious because I want to speak to her while she's still in my tummy calling her by her name) Basically I'm feeling a bit low. :( Is it common at this point to be so grizzly?

My back is hurty, my vaginal mucus has changed colour (nothing alarming I don't think but I don't know) and I can't tell if I'm releasing the mucus plug or not, I've got no idea what it is supposed to look like, there's no blood but it looks different.

Too many people are telling me that their first babies came early or late and that I shouldn't be doing this or that and telling me their birthing tales and whilst normally I don't mind it's making me irritable.

I want hugs...

Sorry for seeming all woe is me but where better to come and get some support than from others in similar positions or those who've already been there and can give me some advice.

Apart from all this emotional stuff Squiggly moves regularly and I just can't wait to meet her.

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Hi Kaleidoscope, It's certainly not just you, I am 32 weeks and have been particularly grumpy and emotional over the past week!

I got particularly cross and grumpy when we got stuck for two hours on the M6, taking it out on my other half even though there was nothing he could do about it!

I have also been crying a lot, I have been working away lots and travelling 6-7 hours a day, driving long periods and climbing on and off trains/tubes carrying heavy bags and I think I'm just tired and achy. I forgot our wedding anniversary today and completely dissolved when I realised, my other half had cooked a lovely meal for us to enjoy and bought a beautiful card, I felt so guilty for not remembering, focussing more on work than home and just generally felt very down!

Doesn't help I know, but you'e not alone in feeling like this, I think it's probably just hormones going a bit crazy in the final months!

I still worry that bump doesn't move enough, especially after I dropped all my work under the table on the train yesterday and had to really bend and squash bump to pick them up, he's been very quiet ever since!

Not long left for you now though and it will all be worth it when she's in your arms.



Hi Hun big hugs from me :)

Have a chat with midwife about the discharge change of colour just to ease your mind :)

Omg! I am mrs snappy and bitchy to everyone, and OOOPS I'm 25 weeks! Oh well people can like it or lump it xx

Regarding names, try and get down to three faves then on the day see what bubba looks like and go from there :)

And tell people to shut up about them, it's not about them its all about u, baby will come when it's ready xxxx

Mucus plug, I have read will look like white snot! Maybe with a dash of blood but not always!

It's apparently a bit like a thick jelly feel where as discharge is wet and runny ish!

AhhWwww Hun don't be hard on yourself, ave a good scream, not long now xxxxx


Oh bless u sounds like u need a big hug some chocolate and a snuggle on the sofa with ur man, labour pains can be in ur back, of ur plug, it can be different for everyone, def check with the midwife, not long now very exciting till ur be holding ur baby in ur arms such an amazing feeling all the best hope u feel better soon x


big hugs to you ! just few more weeks and than you would have a little baby to hug on to :)


I feel your pain hun, 37 weeks tomorrow & if I'm not locked up for murder by the time I deliver it'll be a miracle! Haha, not against husband...he's been great but my maternity cover at my work is cruising for a bruising...thank god it's my last day!

Best of luck to you all x


Im 36 weeks and had a few weeks of this. I spoke to my midwife who said you need to take time for yourself, I was also finding it difficult to sleep (don't we all!!) and having a nap in the day helped with me being less irritable as that was one of the main reasons I was struggling.

It's normal to find your partner irritating in the last few weeks too - he has been warned lol!! I sometimes think it's fear or worry coming out in another way.

About the discharge as long as it doesn't smell you should b ok, I am getting more of it but it hasn't changed just theres more of it. it is common to lose your mucus plug a few weeks before labour.

The baby will come when it's ready so just try to enjoy thelast weeks of bump - I know I'm gonna miss mine and knowing he's safe in there.

Take care h x


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