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Booking appointment - what happens?


Hi everyone,

Just wondering what happens at a booking appointment at the hospital? I have my appointment in three weeks and I was just wondering what they will do.

Thanks xx

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they say its an hour appointment but mine was only half hour, they look and ur height and weight and from that get ur bmi, then its just filling in paper work, questions about u and ur lifestyle and a few about ur partner (if applicable) and contact details, and if u want to ask them questions, I think that's all, then they send it away then u will get ur scan date :) :)

Kazzacollie in reply to Hidden

That's what's confused me that's what I thought but isn't that with the midwife? I'm fourteen weeks pregnant and already had a first scan?? X

Prob to meet your consultant...I'm guessing x


That def sounds late! Maybe ring them to double check?

It might be to see the consultant. Is it your first pregnancy? High/low bmi? Health issues? If you are worried or unsure either give your midwife a call or contact the hospital where the appointment is, has they will be able to help you. I am under a consultant but due to 2 previous sections and also have gestation diabetes.


Thanks for your reply, Yes it is my first pregnancy (to get this far), Twins, Bmi ok, previous health problems yes (nothing currently bad) I will be put in the high risk category but not because of my babies purely because of my health history, do you think thats why its called a booking appt? : ) xxx

Kazza I thought booking appt was the 1st one with midwife at GP's before 1st scan between 8-12 wks. I have a 16 week appt scheduled with my midwife to see how things are at the GP's in a few weeks. XxX

Possibly at the hospital, i can't remember with.mine sorry was about 4 months ago. You can always give the hospital a ring and enquire, they are normally pretty helpful. My local maternity unit are great. Normally i have a scan, see diabetic Dr, midwife and consultant and i am out within 90mins, compared last pregnancy i could easily spend 3 hrs and that is just the consultant. This time around i think they have learnt to have scans and consultant apps on same day. I am back for a scan this week (37 weeks) due to my 36 weeks scan the baby has slowed on his growth so maybe having a section next week otherwise it is booked for 3rd April. Good luck with your appointment.

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