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Maternity leave

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After the most horrible day at work, i am exhausted, sore and pretty fed up!! every day it seems to get worse,. people bickering over nothing, patients complaining,extra jobs :( i am due 19th june and wanted to take two weeks holiday before starting my maternity leave on 7th May.. I know this is early but with my history i feel its best for me. To be honest after the last few weeks i could go off now. What do you think? should i hold my own for as long as possible or cut my losses and stress? confused...

10 Replies
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Hold out as long as you can, you'll appreciate the mat leave you still have when baby is here. 11 weeks is the earliest you can go off? Or it was in my job (teaching) with my last pregnancy. Before that, it was counted as sick leave.

But...only you know how much more you can take...

Thursday tomorrow! And it's only another 2 weeks until bank holiday weekend when you can catch up on some rest.

Best of luck x

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Is it 'just' one bad day, or lots? Your physical and mental health need to take priority at the end of the day!

Hope tomorrow is better xx

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Maybe take a week of sick, wouldn't harm anyone! Then try your best to wait till ay for your holiday.

I'm due June 25th:)

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Thanks :) seems to be every other day.. good days and really bad and i just come out of work exhausted and ready to pounce on anyone that looks at me ;( when im not in work i feel great and so far things are really good thank god :) i keep saying i dont have long then ill be off and can focus on me and baby but every day is a struggle mentally and physically :( tho i know in the long run ill regret not having more time with him after.. cant wait for the easter holidays :)

ohh Skyblueboston not long left for us.. :) excited!! :) xxxx

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Skyblueboston in reply to ashy2005

I know ashy2005 so excited too:) tbh you sound a bit down to me, take my advice have a week off and just concentrate on ou and baby, if you get signed off sick it doesn't count towards your actual sickness as long as its related to pregnancy :)

I ave been very naughty and not been to work since December after my boss tried to sack me for no reason, but it was because I was pregnant, so now I'm on ssp starting my maternity leave 1st June and one weeks holiday prior, and I'm never going back, instead I have decided to become a child minder, I think one other little person will be great to look after :)

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Hey, not sure how realistic it is for you, but could you talk to your boss about reduced hours, extra breaks or working from home? Employers supposed to make adjustments and if you are feeling knackered it's worth a shot. I've got 2 more work weeks and am counting the days! Good luck. Xx

hey, I work 12 hour shifts at the airport so know how u feel bout tiredness and stresfful days, but as j-cake says they should accommodate you with restricted hours or lighter duties. I am allowed to do this when I feel necessary so maybe talk to someone at work who might be able to help. :)

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Be careful going off sick can effect your maternity pay, i had alto of time off prior to my leave. Maybe use up your holiday to work shorter weeks prior to leave or use it all before you go if your taking the year off.

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Your maternity pay is calculated on the last 8 weeks of work so if you are on ssp your maternity pay will probably be affected, that said your health is more important than money and if you need to take the time off then that is the best option speak to your boss and see if you can alter your duties or something, they should be trying to support you at this time x

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With my last child, i went on mat leave at 34 weeks, but used 3 weeks holidays first, so my mat leave actually started at 37 weeks, but i was physically tired and my job was in a busy crehe and play area. I can't remember when it was calculated for ur mat pay, unless it has changed recently ( my lb is now 29 months) but i know going off early didn't affect my mat pay.

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