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I've been checked at the hospital for the nose bleed, turns out I've got a low blood platelets

And have sort of soft spot up my nose, been referee to the nose doctor. I also feel very tired and weak, though I'm breathing but don't have any strength what so ever. Is there an energy multivitamin I can take /iron supplement, I can't take the normal iron tablet cuz it makes me constipated, so I'm

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In early pregnancy we can tend to feel very tired & exhausted from time to time & yes they're is certain supplement you can take "whilst pregnant" & they wont leave you constipated. The best thing to do is ask your midwife ( usually situated at your G.P) about the best supplements to take.


I'm 30+ weeks now , didn't have any symptoms at early stages, but now I'm getting really restless. I can bearly stay awake during the day yet can't sleep at night.


How low are your platelets? Unless they are less than 20 then they are unlikely to be the cause of your nose bleeds xx


Ferrous fumerate is much less constipating than ferrous sulphate if you are anaemic. Pregnacare vitamins contain your total daily iron requirement (although some people need more).

The spot up your nose is likely to be a vascular 'little's area'. These are really prone to bleeding, especially in pregnancy as you have a greater total blood volume... ENT can cauterise it (gently burn away) if you bleed lots.

Have you had your blood pressure checked recently?



I had severe anemia at the beginning of the year (platelets fine, stores at 4! hair falling out, spots in front of the eyes, itchy skin, wiped out) which myself and the GP cured. I get constipated and sore tummy from ferrous sulfate. Take ferrous fumerate (free from Doctor) with something with Vit C in it (tomato, broccoli, orange, kiwi) before bed to absorb overnight, as many things interfere with iron absorption, including tea, coffee (even decaf versions), dairy products and some other food (eg spinach). Eat red meat more often as haem iron helps you absorb other iron. Make sure you are consuming lots of things with Vit C in them. If you still find a problem with constipation, check you are drinking lots of water (8 x glasses per day) and up your fruit and vegetable portions to 7-10 per day and I promise you will be regular as clockwork! In the mean-time, remember not to strain as we're all susceptible to haemorrhoids and they're awful.


Thanks very much


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