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HCG levels increased from 1998 to 20,000 in 1 week on a blood test

Just thought I would ask the question as confused. I had an early mc on DEC 15th and have not had a period since and it is 14 weeks ago now. I contacted the docs a few weeks ago to raise my concerns and they took a blood test last Tuesday. The results came back that the hormone level was 1998 and the Dr said normally the hormone level should be below 300 (or 30 can't remember). The dr took another blood sample yesterday and she said the hcg level has gone to 20,000 in a week. We discussed me maybe having a cyst on my ovaries hence the no period but would a cyst affect my hcg level that much??? The dr has left a message with the scanning unit at the hospital to see if it is a cyst. Has anyone else experienced the same? If my hcg level is that high would a pregnancy test give me a false reading if I am not pregnant and it is a cyst?

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I had a burst cyst that showed a positive test when I was 17.... Didn't have bloods done though, is there a possibility you can be pregnant? Sounds like u need a scan! X


Hi.i had a few cysts a year ago.they found them through my blood test but cant remember my hormon levels exactly.but they still done a scan as it shows more.they performed a laparoscopy to drained cysts from both ovarys.i was in pain thats why they've done it and thank God.they put me on cilests after lap.for 4months and month after i've quit tablets i got pregnant.17weeks now...hope you get it dr said i probably got pregnant so quick

as my body was reformed lol.good luck xx


They said my blood levels were fine but the hormone was really high. The last pregnancy test I did was on the 15th feb and it was negative.

Everything just seems to take ages to get answers. Dont know if it is worth buying a clear blue test BUT dont know if a cyst can give a positive reading on the pregnancy test?

Babymother did you experince any pain when you had a burst cyst?? I haven't had pain, just a dull acheing pain and sometimes a shooting pain but not very often.


It was a long time ago but no don't remember pain, I remember the Dr saying that's why u were in pain and i thought but I wasn't! I did google it a few years ago and did read somewhere it can cause a positive result, they only checked cos my mum insisted as I was bleeding and had a positive result, the bleeding was my period, but my mum said that wasn't right, didn't know very much back then, push for a scan ring up and try and get it asap, hope u get to the bottom of this, good luck x


Also I had my bloods done at 6 weeks recently and it was 6000, so that's really high, sounds like something is def going on and yeah if its that high sometimes it could show a false negative, ring the scanning dept urself explain it all I'm sure they will be really helpful


Well ladies had the scan today which reveiled I am actually 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant but I do have a cyst on my left ovary but it is nothing to worry about. I burst out crying when she told us the news. Seen it's little heart beat and everything. :-)


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