am i pregnant? help

hiya, I am on the contraceptive pill Yasmin, and havent missed a pill this month. I started my 7 day break a week ago, and during that time i experienced a sickness bug which consisted of bad diarrhoea. After the bug had cleared up, me and my boyfriend had sex without a condom, but he withdrew before he finished. I am really worried that the diarrhoea has effected the contraceptive and im scared that im pregnant. i read my leaflet that came with my pill and it said that the 7 days should be protected i just wanted to have another opinion. someone please help me!

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  • You should be protected, normally if u use antibiotics then u need extra protection. If u are worried u can take, the morning after pill up to three days after sex.:)

  • thankyou so much! so can I just go to somewhere like boots and ask for one?

  • this was on sunday in the afternoon so would the morning after pill still work?

  • Go to the chemist if you havent already done so and get it. Antibiotics can effect the pill as I know someone who got caught whilst on Antibiotics on a weeks course.