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baby movements

What was i complaining about few days ago and where am i now.

I am now in my 21st week, and the baby is a runner ! or a disco-dancer or some sort! When it was time to scan it slept nicely all throughout - such a stubborn kid i tell you (sadly by then i was also not able to feel much flutters so was unaware what was normal)

But comes the night and mommy's time to sleep - the baby starts dancing, jumping running and doing all sorts of acrobatics inside me. Normally I ignore and sleep, but yesterday was like some kind of competition.

Thats not all, i have normally felt the baby doing same active movements after every meal or coffee i take. Sometimes it feels funny sometimes its worrying - if thts how active this baby is gonna be, I am not sure how I would manage.

BTW yesterday, as the baby was rolling around so much, I rolled onto my left and cuddled with already sleeping husband (partly because he was snoring and cuddling makes him stop somehow). maybe the baby liked daddy cuddling as it slept nicely after that ! I am just surprised !! and tired ! Gosh I have a presentation in 30 minutes and i am sooo sleepy !!

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My mom used to say to me, you can tell what sort of personality a baby will have from beyond the womb to about early adolesent.

I like the fact that when you said you decide to lie down next to your husband & then the baby settled " aawwwwh" . (probably a daddy's girl).



oh! I am getting sure its gonna be a daddy's girl and would we be not happy about it ! that would be the first girl in my husbands' family and friend circle after almost 30 years !! :D


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