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Needing the loo often?

Hi, I am coming up to 17 weeks in my pregnancy. Up until a few days ago I would always be getting up in the night bursting for the toilet, so much it would sometimes really hurt. A few days ago I noticed I didn't get up in the night. And now 5 days later still nothing. It's like my baby has disappeared.

Has anybody else experienced this? Could the be something wrong with my baby?

Please help!

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Yes don't worry - its totally normal! According to my books the reason for the relief is that early in the second trimester the uterus starts to migrate upwards, taking the pressure off your bladder. Enjoy it while it lasts, you'll be running back to the loo once baby is starting to run out of room!

I felt decidedly un-pregnant during the second trimester, I'm led to believe that's all normal too :-)


Thank you dons88. You have put my mind at rest.


Similar thing at 13 weeks - it was blissful! Sleeping through the whole night was a phenomenal relief! Not looking forward to the bit where gravity hits and bubba starts sinking back down on to my bladder again! I definitely need at least 8 hours of uninterupted sleep a night to stop me being a complete b!tch at work!!! ;-P


Lol Drfluffy, I will def try and make the most of it while it lasts! :)


Same here, my night wee's are getting later, going from typically 2am to nearer 4-5am and I am around 13wks now. I also don't wake busting to go, it's more a lie here and ponder why I am awake and then when i cannot get back to sleep I realise its the bladder calling but def less urgency X


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