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Could I be pregnant?


I wonder if someone could help me, I feel pretty stupid at the moment. The first day of my last period was 6/1/13, my next period was due 14/2/13, it can be up to a week late as my cycle ranges from 32-39 days. But as I have just about managed to have a period every month since I came off the pill in dec 2011 I haven't worried. Anyway I have done three pregnancy tests one on the 18/2/13 and two a week after, all were negative. The weird thing is I felt like I was going to come on, on the 14/2/13, spotty, stroppy and eating everything in sight which is normal for me, (I have had none of this since and my skin is looking really good). Then suddenly it didn't appear so I thought I'll give it a week and nothing has happened! I even went to my doctor, who was really nice and because I've technically been trying a year has ordered some blood tests but these need to be completed on the 2nd or 3rd day of my period!! and then a week before my next expected one. She has ordered an ultrasound to check my ovaries and womb, which is the 18/3/13. I have no symptoms except some abdo pain and feeling heavy, I have had some crampings and am now too scared to do a preg test, plus I'm slightly constipated which I never am! I just don't know what to think, I am so confused, as is my husband. Plus I'm healthcare professional which makes me feel even sillier, I'm just pleased I have a proactive GP. Please help.

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oldestnewest is very possible you could be pregnant.fingers crossed!!!i had similar symptoms.i felt like i'm gonna have period but nothing happened.i waited 4weeks and then i've done the test.i wasnt expectecting to be pregnant 4weeks after i've quit my tablets lol.especially when my GP ssid it could take me up to a year to get pregnant.what made me do the test was my skin.i had few big spots on my face lol.and i never really got any spots even when i was i had a funny metallic taste and all different smells were so first test was negative,second was positive but one line was really 3were positive!i'm 16weeks now but its been a roller coaster for me.i hope you get positive result.good luck and keep me updated xx


Hi hun.

The best advice i can possibly give to you is do one more pregnancy test & see what the result is. I have recently experienced this problem. ( even though me & my other half had been trying to get pregnant since Oct 2012) i had very simular symptoms, i ended up taking 4'pregnancy urine test kits at home until i got a positive result.


Aak your GP to organise a serum beta-hGC test for you x


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