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I think I'm having a basket ball player.

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For the second visit running my bump is way bigger than expected. The midwife that I saw on Wednesday is booking me in for another scan! I'm 34 weeks and a bit concerned that they feel the need to do this. Went home in tears the visit before when the mid wife said that it was in the dumbo region on the must chart, I eased up on the chocolate that I've been nuts for, I thought I'd end up with a diabetic child or have given baby a lifelong weight problem. I'm 5ft tall and was between a size twelve and a fourteen before I found out I was pregnant. I've been told its not my diet, and I haven't done anything wrong, and that there's nothing to worry about. But why would they waste time and money on another scan if there was no need? Maybe I'll need an early induction. Anybody else had this?

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Is the father / your man a bit heavy "in weight" man perhaps that could have a part to play in it. But it's just sounds like one of those unfortunate things. Me & my other half are not heavy in weight or skinny either but my son who was born in 2008 weighed 8 LBS & 9Oz at birth and i would crave more savoury / vegetable filled meals more than sweets or chocolate.

Maybe they'll try to estimate the weight of the baby. Both of my babies (a boy and a girl) were 9lb 7oz at birth. I have recently found out that the majority of my husbands family were big at birth too. I don't think they'll induce unless there's cause for concern.

Hello. Some midwives just shouldn't have their jobs - I think they become desensitised unfortunately. I really would not worry about this too much. I am 35 weeks pregnant and measuring at 38 weeks ( I know my dates are correct). I measured big with my first also. It could be a lot of things - that's why they like to scan. Could your dates be wrong? Or baby could be breech (which I have been told can result in a larger measurement), which would usually mean a c-section birth - a planned one is better than an emergency one although he/she might change position yet. Or, baby could just be big and healthy! Enjoy the scan - it's another chance to see your little one and you can be assured you are receiving good care (mid wife's comments aside). Let us know how you get on. X

My sister was induced 3 weeks early he was nearly 10 pounds. Don't feel guilty for your baby being big, u have done nothing wrong!

Myself I have just been told got gestational diabetes, so having to cut down on junk food and high carbs, this is so my baby will not be too big, 24 weeks, so will have regular scans to monitor his size. As long as I do what I have to do I will not feel guilty if baby boy I'd a bigger,his dad is tall and was a big baby :)

Keep positive :)

It has no indication really on your baby's size sometimes.. They need to do a scan to see wjat is making you measure more.. Sometimes it's babys size, amount of fluid, size of placenta or even just how your baby happened to be positions when she measured you.. I measured big at my appt and I probably will next week to. My friend did and she's got to have another scan to.. It's not concern it's just caution so don't worry bout it

I wouldn't worry too much! They are probably doing scans cos if baby gets too big they might have to induce you early :). Having said that, i was told right thro my pregnancy my bump was much smaller than it should be, that baby was going to be tiny at one point i had 4 scans in 2 weeks cos they said i was in stagnate growth (baby wasn't growing). Anyway my little man was born weighing 7lb 11oz! The average weight for a boy is 8lb!

I was told repeatedly by my mum (a nurse and trained midwife) that they can't tell anything accurately from scans and measuring bumps, i thought she was just saying it to stop me stressing! It would appear she was right!

Stay positive and don't stress! It's no good for you or your bump :)

Generally when your measuring big it's not the babies size but the amount of fluid around the baby instead that's making you big for dates.. The fluid can increase for a number of reasons and I'm sure the midwives are sending you for a scan to rule out any sinister causes.. On the positive side u get to see an extra picture of your little bub :)

I may have a c section or induced labour as am diabetic and OBS n midwife both said most diabetic women have a c section coz their babies grow big inside them, it terrified me as this is my first. I try to eat very healthy and way less than what I would normally eat.

Hi all thanks for all of your kind comments, I've had my scan, baby's legs are long and baby is facing down has been for three weeks! It was practicing breathing all the way through! I asked the sonographer what was going on they couldn't awnser, then sent for an appointment for the consultant, midwife first she was lovely but not at liberty to say, and of course another urine test. Finally got to the consultant who confirmed that baby was large, 7lb at 35 weeks! But that they don't induce anymore unless diabetic, I'm being tested for diabetes as soon as they ring for an appiontment for me to do the glucose test. So they're just going to keep an eye on things atm. Feeling really emotional and can't help my cravings, I had one week where my diet was not healthy as I did not have a cooker, and had to eat microwaved rubbish so felt responsible for baby's weight gain, I've been told that it probably wasn't my fault. Baby is measuring 39 weeks when I'm 35 weeks, I hope I go into labor naturally and soon. Feeling rather tearfull right now, probably hormones also some people who mean well but really don't help, one of my friends said you don't think it's deformed do you? Which I knew it wouldn't be after my 20 weeks scan but of all the things to say. This time I just said thanks a bunch for that, and she apologised and we moved on. If my kid was missing a limb I wouldn't care anyway, my husband didn't seem to see why such a comment would affect me.

@ Abenaa I'm a vegetarian so vegetable filled meals are the norm, I've gone off of cheese, but my cravings have been peanut butter and chocolate at this later stage I'm trying to curb them but they are" cravings" as for the night thing I'm pretty much in the dark with that one. My husbands father is tall and slim I'm short, mums short, but my grandad was built like an old oak, tall and muscular, maybe it's a recessive gene?

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