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9 weeks 5 day midwife appointment need help..

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Hello I have already called the maternity unit and they told me my appointment will be on 20th March. I will be 9 weeks 5 days. Is it late or in how many days approx. will the scan arranged? In your case in how many days after did you go to scan?

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You normally see them around 8-10 weeks so it is normal They are pretty quick in issuing scan dates out at the hospital. I got my scan date via letter a few days after my appointment and had the option to ring if the date/time wasn't appropriate. I think the date on the letter was within 2 weeks of my appointment. The scan doesn;t always fall bang on 12 weeks but they normally do. Good luck I know it is very exciting the first scan as you just want to see everything is ok in there and then obviously share your amazing news (if you already haven't).

thanks for the reply. I hope so in UK the system is too late:(

its not too late, everyone is different, I didn't even find out I was pregnant till I was 7 weeks so they couldn't of done it any earlier,

I had my midwife appointment at 10+6, got my letter the following Tuesday, my scan was then 12+4. Normally they are pretty fast in issuing scan appointments or they are at my local.hospital.

Scan should be between 11-13 weeks if your concerned give the midwife a call just to double check....no harm in asking, I got my midwife app and scan date in the post together, even thou they are on different dates

I am 7 weeks+ pregnant and I have not booked an appointment with the midwife? Or the GP?Is it too late? I was hoping to book it when I am around 8 weeks as I previously read on here that if you book it too early they don't see you anyway until you are between 8-12 weeks? Is this right? Somebody please help?????

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