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Hi Everyone!

I am now 6 +5 weeks. Although it already feels like I've been pregnant for ever!!

I'm going through a very bad patch at the moment. Very sore crampy and upset stomach, an awful mouth infection bought on by a wisdom tooth going astray and the morning sickness has well and truly set in!! :-(

I thought I'd got away with it but it hit me a couple of days a go. I think the cruellest trick your body plays on you while pregnant is making you starving hungry all the time and then making you feel to nauseous to do anything about it!!

I'm not sleeping well and generally feeling rubbish!! My partner and I haven't even had any sex for two weeks now just because I'm so physically tired by the time I get home from work now I can hardly get myself to bed. Bless him.

On the up side though... I'M HAVING A BABY!! :-)

We're very excited and are telling more and more people. It's the mothers turn this weekend. We thought there would be no better time to pick to tell them then on Mothers day. We've bought them both a silver necklace with baby footprints engraved into it with the words Bundle OF Joy Arriving Oct 2013. We'll put them inside a mothers day card and it'll be a surprise when they open it. Very excited about it. I shall let you all know how it goes. Lots of tears I'd imagine.

We're also in the process of selling and buying a bigger house. So lots of stuff going on at the moment and I can't imagine it getting any less hectic.

I think it's really dawning on him now how expensive a baby actually is. But he's taking it well. ha ha. He informed me this morning that he's really excited about it and has been doing a bit of reading up on it all already.

He's being very supportive and putting up with my crazy moods and my need for Fish finger sandwiches at random times when he has to go and buy them for me! ha ha.

I'm very early but already have to unbutton my trousers when I sit down as they're getting very snug :-/ oh dear.

I actually forgot today while at work and went to go to the loo and realised while I was up and thought if I do them up now it'll draw attention to myself. LOL!

Anyway, I've rambled enough. I shall keep you all updated!

Have a lovely Mothers day all you mothers and soon to be mothers! :-)


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