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need an advice urgently please anyone to help?

I hv been tryin for a baby since January,all thru February I had unprotected sex wit my partner,my period later came 3 to 4 days late,(actually tot I was already preg),bt my problem now is my period for feb started on d 24th tho didn't flow d usual way for 2 n half days den brownish stuff for 3 days.normally my ovulation shuld be dis weekend btw Friday n sunday but today wen having my bath I saw this brownish stuff again very thick n kinda much,tho I dnt expect to start ovulatin yet,and prior to this I hv been havin a change of taste which has been on n off,abdominal pain,backache,sometimes feal naeuseous either morning,afernoon or night,i get tired easily,cant stand for long,d main issue is hv done two home test and its negative,i even experience bloatin too,could I be pregnant or am just wishing I am...pls help..

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The bleeding coud be implantation bleeding!

The way to work this out is, from the day of ovulation it takes seven days for the egg to be fertilised by the sperm. Then around seven days later it should implant into your lining, so 14 days after ovulation or slightly longer if u ovulated a bit later u should get a positive or negative result.

Some ladies take longer to show hcg levels on a pregnancy test. The best one o use is clear blue with conception indicator,.

Test every two days from te last test u did as this gives your hcg levels a chance to double.

Your signs are promising as long as they fall into the 14 day wait give or take a few days.



tanx a lot,really appreciate,i will do just dat,will get clear blue test kiy ASAP tanx,i pray its positive,,,,Xxxx


I agree with SkyBlue above, use a good quality pregnancy test like Clear Blue, (you didn't say which you had used) they are super at picking up the hormone and the cheaper brands may just be cheaper for a reason. I would never use anything else. Good luck X


Tanx girls!!! Am 25 wks gone nw


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