Missed miscarriage?

I went for an early scan due to spotting. The earliest I can be is 9+4 days (I haven't had sex after the date in question). The scan picked up a misshapen sac and radiographer said I couldn't be more than 6+5 days. She said the Ward sister would explain but she just gave me a date for a scan in a weeks time. I am still spotting. From my understanding they are saying baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. Is that anyone elses undertanding of this? Sorry to ramble!


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  • Im so sorry you are going through this but from my experience of my own missed miscarriage I was ten weeks (by date) but I was told that my baby had passed away at six weeks four days, I found this out as I was spotting and had lost my symptoms almost over night (I had very bad nausea). They didn't need to re-scan me as I had had a scan a week earlier and they knew mine had a slow heartbeat back then. Im sorry I can't answer your question but I thought I would let you know how my Missed miscarriage was diagnosed. If you feel you need more information im sure the ward sister wouldnt mind running through things with you again.

    Thinking of you xxxxx

  • Hi, Thank you for your reply. I think maybe I just didn't take in everything after she said that the date was 6+5. she also didn't detect a heartbeat which I thought there would be at that date. None of them actually said the word miscarriage which is what confused me. But if I know I can't be less then 9 weeks and they are saying that I am showing at 6+5 and no one mentioned seeing a fetus - only a sac then I am assuming that this is what they are implying. I should have asked more questions but just wanted to go home!

  • Hi am so sorry for what happened but I think the hospital should be more clear.when I was bleeding heavily at 5 weeks preg they did a scan and told me that there's 'a pregnancy of no location' then it tested negative three days later. We tried again after one month and am almost 24weeks now.they should explain to you clearly.

    Thinking of you x

  • Aww I dont blame you its an awful thing to go through! I was 6 + 2 at the time when they found a slight heartbeat, but everyones different! Did you see the screen? whenever I have had scans they have shown me the screen, but this may be because I ask so many questions? The scan you will be having in a few days will give them a clearer idea of what is happening, but its the waiting thats upsetting too.

    You know where I am if you need to talk xxx

  • No I didn't see the screen. This was my first pregnancy and first scan so all a bit of a blur to me now. I have looked and the dates and looking at the dating she gave of the sac being 6+5 that was the exact time I started spotting so I guess she is right and that is when baby stopped growing. The latest day of conception for me is 12th January (Husband not been near me since then so unless it is an immaculate conception!) so there is no way date wise the baby can be that age. i think maybe I will call them tomorrow and ask them to talk me through the results again. Thank you for your messages - they are really helpful. xxx

  • Just wanted to update you guys. I called and spoke to a lovely sister who looked at my scans with me. I went through my dates again. She said there is a 6w + 6 sac and yolk but sac is misshapen. She is not allowed to say for definate but I asked her opinion and she said in her opinion the pregnancy is not viable as she would expect to see a fetal pole. She said even if I had got my dates wrong (which I know I havent) in her opinion it is not a scan she would expect to see for a healthy pregnancy. Not good news but feel better that I know the facts now. Have my scan next friday but am hoping nature will take its course. Thank you again for your comments. xxx

  • Hi sorry I have just seen this!!! I'm sorry to hear that. If you need to talk you know where I am. Private message me if you need to xxx

    Thinking of you x

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