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can anyone recommend anything?

Im 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow, for the entire pregnancy so far i have been an absolute nervous wreck, worrying about everything, asking 101 questions on here, i have had 2 early scans already due to light bleed in week 5/6, basically i got my dating scan through yesterday and its not for another 4 weeks today, I know it can be anything between 12-14 weeks for this appointment so thats ok but i am a wreck have it in my head everyday that something is wrong, i suffer from anxiety and in the past depression, i know im going to drive myself crazy for the next 4 weeks as im convinced there is something wrong, i had 3 people last year all very close to me all loose their babies within a few weeks of each other, my sister in law didnt know anything was wrong until they didnt find a heartbeat at 12 weeks.

Is there anything i can do to reassure myself its starting to come between me and my partner abit now (and its already difficult with him being over 200 miles away in the Army) as he is so excited and i just keep saying if everything is ok?? I refuse to talk about getting past 12 weeks.

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Been there and done it, it's horrible to be so anxious! I had private scans to put my mind at ease. I felt the same about the 12 week point!

I would stop googling the Internet coz there is so much negative stuff out there!

I would put a happy face and voice on to your partner, I had too, coz I didn't want to spoil his experience. It hard but just try.

As soon as a negative thought comes into our mind, switch it for a happy one, get your s an pic out or think of something good.

Also unless u are in pain, bleeding, feeling so ill then u can worry but otherwise u gave to force yourself to be positive.

Getting to 12 weeks is a good sign miscarriage is greatly reduced.

Keep going and get your happy face back on, positive thoughts for positive outcomes :)


Thankyou so much, makes me feel slightly better that im not alone Thankyou again

x x x


I would completely agree with Skyblueboston, I am/ have been exactly the same just look at my previous posting history (its only human). Thinking positive is the best way. I too went for a couple of private scans to put my mind at ease I found these really good as they really helped me till I got to my 12 week scan and being able to see them jump around on the screen is an amazing sight :)

Good luck x


Ring the midwife and tell her how you feel, they might be able to bring the date forward as they may have had an appointment that wasn't convienant for someone or had a cancellation you never know.


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