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Emotional overdrive!

This morning, I had another emotional outburst of tears. I took the dog to the groomers, and went across the road to the cafe to wait. Here, I think, I had my first Braxton hicks contraction, which puzzled and confused me, and to be honest, scared me a bit too. But not only that, in my rush to get the dog to the groomers, I didn't put my breast pads on. So sat in the cafe, reading my book, I glance down, and there is a lovely wet patch forming around my nipple. Yikes! But worse than that, there's a bit of blood coming through my top too. (I wrote a question on this, but I seem to be the only one suffering.)

Yesterday I saw my midwife who said to see my GP if it persisted. I rang this morning after staining my pyjama top through the night, but I can't get in until Tuesday, and I was ok with this, it's not like it's enough blood for me to bleed out from or anything. However, the combination of potentional first Braxton hicks, and then blood/milk seeping through my top caused me to go into emotional overdrive and I left to go sit in the car, and I just broke down in tears on the phone to my mam. Who assures me, it probably was a Braxton hicks, and that I'll survive until tuesday to see the GP, this is after she was insisting that she take me to the doctors and she'll do the talking seen as I couldnt stop crying, which I talked her out of, because my rational mind knows I'll survive.

I just can't seem to control my emotions! They're so all over the place, all I need is one rude customer at work and I'll be away! I just get teary at the silliest little things. I booked the dog in to get spayed next month and i cried down the phone to the vets because I was worried something would go wrong with the procedure. Tell me I'm not the only one who gets so over emotional at, well, stuff that shouldn't upset me so much, or doesn't one minute and then later on really bothers me.

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Ahh bless Hun, wish I was there I would give u a big hug then probably cry too!

Nope you are normal and I cry at little things too, my dog has an operation tomorrow as he as a couple of cancerous lumps appeared so I cried about that!

I cried coz I was worried I don't have enough baby stuff! Madness I have enough :)

I'm on edge and teary coz I have got another uti and also my sugar levels are sky high so today I have started to monitor them 4 times a day!

Have you got a walk in maternity assessment unit like I have, they saw me this morning, I just walked in and they get treatment underway straight away! Coz if u have I would just go straight to them, the blood from your nipples could be a little infection, or I was told its were we leak milk, the nipple sticks to the bra or pad and when pulled away takes a bit of skin off and bleeds a bit, are u using nipple cream, to keep them moist and prevent then from cracking?

Could u book yourself a week off work, so you can reduce your stress levels, u sound like u need a break Hun!



The thing with the nipple bleeding is it doesn't hurt at all. They're not dry or sore or cracked, and they're both the same except one has started this little bleeding thing. I don't know about the maternity assessment unit, I'll have to look into that.

As far as time off work goes, I'm still struggling to enlighten my boss to my rights for annual leave even though i'll be on maternity for a good portion of this year. My boyfriend discussed my rights to a break with him last week, so now I get a 20 min break. I don't really feel stressed, or worn out, just at the flick of a switch I'll break down in tears!

For instance now, my rational brain is in control and is telling me, the dog is going to an operation the vets will perform all the time so she'll be safe, the bleeding isn't life threatening and isn't harming baby so that will be fine also.

Sometimes I just feel silly, like 'get a hold on yourself!' but of course it's all just hormones and there's not much I can do about it.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog, I hope it all goes well tomorrow, that's something that's reasonable to cry about! And as for your own health, I'd be so paranoid I'd be checking every half hour never mind four times a day! Hope it all clears itself up for you. X


Thanks Rachel:) Hun you are entitled to holiday or if u feel ill or stressed get signed off, this sickness by law is not counted as actual sickness because its pregnancy related.

I haven't Been to work fr months a my boss is awful! Im looking after number one me and my baby :)


Hi there

crying is all part of being pregnant - I have found myself more tearful the nearer I get (I'm 34 weeks). Earlier this week I criid because I was really hungry but didn't like the dinner I made!!

Don't worry about being emotional, it happens to us all ;o)



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