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Braxton hicks?

I'm 28+1 weeks and this morning while I was out I had the most awful period like pain. It lasted probably less than a minute but of course it seemed like forever. If it happens again I plan on timing it. The pain was across my lower belly and pubic area and seemed to radiate through my hips a little too.

Is this a Braxton hicks contraction?

Thanks in advance x

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Sounds exactly like Braxton Hicks to me - they scared the life out of me in my first pregnancy! Did your bump go hard? If I had to describe one it would be a squeezing, tightening feeling all over my bump and down through my pelvis and hips.

I believe the advice is to contact your midwife if they begin to get regular, or very painful. But obviously you should also do so if you're unsure if they are BH.

They're a good sign - your uterus is limbering up for D-Day ;-)


I phoned my mam as soon as it happened and she said that's probably what it was. But I've had the luxury of no period pains for months and months now so it was really startling to feel one out of the blue! It felt quite painful, but I'm also I bit of a wuss, i wouldn't say it was worse than my periods ever were though. Thanks for replying so quick. I'm off to see the doctor next Tuesday anyway so I'll bring it up with him for confirmation. How often do they happen? Should I expect them everyday, or once a week or just completely irregularly? X


Hi there - it does sound like a Braxton Hicks contraction, but it may help to read up a bit more on Braxton Hicks and when to ring your midwife

Hope this helps! x


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