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Whats happening so far

So after finding out that me and my partner are expecting our first child after a miscarrage in december, we are both very happy. Just thought id give an update of whats happening so far.

If ive calculated right im about 5 weeks and a couple of days. So far, ive been having sickness, but more so in the evening. I feel sick but not actually vomiting thankfully, but the feeling of sick is awful!

Another thing is im peeing like crazy! No matter how much or little i drink

I havent really got much cravens as of yet

And i have slight pain in my left side at tge bottom of my stomach which is kinda worrying me a bit, but have an appointment on tge 20th with the midwife.

Ill keep you all updated with my progess and any problems. Thankyou very much for all support and help from everyone who has given advice and stuff! X

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Cool, so pleased for u. Start your vitamins ASAP and ask the midwife about baby asprin as I take this after my first miscarriage, has been proven to help reduce chance of miscarriage and pre eclamsia.

Cut out all strenuous exercise, just the chill out stuff, breathing and stretching, and start drinking cranberry juice everyday, u don't wanna end up like me 2nd uti in a month! .

Apart from that keep positive this time you will hold a beautiful baby :)


Funnily enough i brought some cranberry juie aswell! Things seem to be ok so far. Just want the first stages to hurry up so i dont have to worry x


Yep I remember feeling like that, keep busy might help a bit :)


Hey BabyJ firstly CONGRATULATIONS :)

I'm coming up to 7 weeks on Tuesday & this is my first & quite frankly i'm terrified (i'm 38) It's nice to hear just a little bit of normality from lots of ladies on here that are going through the same emotional rollercoaster ride as I am!

I have my booking in appointment on 22nd & quite frankly, can't wait, I'd even read up on a private viability scan, but thought better of it. Surely what will be will be right? I get the pains low down, but apparently these are perfectly normal, no bleeding (thank god)

Reading this has just made me add cranberry juice to my shopping list for this week haha thank you ladies! I'm a bit prone to water infections, so that's a good call.

I hope all goes well with your pregnancy & we get regular updates as to your progress.

Very best wishes :) xxx


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