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Update: maternity assessment unit


So this morning I went to the maternal assessment unit, coz last night I has a small gush of liquid with little bit of white discharge!

So did a urine test and two things came straight up to my shock !

Blood in my urine- I have another uti so back on cefalaxin for seven days

Very high sugar levels - so I now have been given. Blood test machine have to test my blood four times a day for t he next two weeks, if I get three high readings then I go to the next stage of treatment!

Regarding the fluid I have to report back if it happens again or a soak a pad, but they think its just increased discharge which is normal :)

Baby is fine and moving round like mad.

Just a bit sad that I could possibly have diabetes, mind u I'm not surprised as pcos seems to prove this also.

Anyone got a similar experience?

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Aww glad you and baby are ok, not so good about the blood :( you seem to be going through the wars :( I'm off work today too naughty baba's playing up today x


Yeah I feel like I am , but hopefully my sugar levels will be within range, I'm just not going to eat chocolate:) they said to not change anything but I'm cutting that out!

So why are u off work is baby and u ok?


I am glad you and baby are well. I have gestational diabetes and test my levels 4-5 times a day plus on insulin once a day in the evening before bed. When i found out i was upset has my last two pregnancies i was fine, no issues. My main problem is night times, when i test first thing in get morning it is high. Did you not have the gtt? When i had mine it was the fasting part again that came out high but after the drink i was fine. For me it has been such a lifestyle change. Can't drink milk like i use to do, can't eat has much fruit, natural sugars. I was told to cut down my intake of potatoes, rice pasta etc and eat more meat and veg , but i do that anyways. Also i have had extra scans, had one at 28&32 weeks, got my next scan at 36 weeks(Tuesday). My last scan baby was estimated at weighing 4lb 9oz but his stomach.was slightly bigger,so i am hoping everything is good.for this.scan has otherwise they might take me in earlier for the section.


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