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Pains in my ribs and back, midwife doesnt seem to concerned :(

Hello, im currently just over 9 weeks pregnant

i went home from work poorly on Monday, feeling extremely tired, sick and a few minor pains

i text my midwife as she said its best to text as she cant always answer her phone. She finally got back to me this morning saying it doesnt sound anything pregnancy related.

Last night i was having pains all evening could be explained maybe as something stretching inside me but isnt it too soon for that? today periody pain cramps again nothing unbearable but few pains in my back aswell.

im just so concerned and my dating scan appt still hasnt arrived can anyone shead a bit of light on my worries?

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At the beginning of this pregnancy I had days of feeling aches and crampy feeling in my uterus, stretching can be felt this early :) just make sure there is no blood if there was then it would be best to get a scan done.

Back ache, omg! Just I wait I'm 24 weeks and its bad!

Trust your instincts and demand to be seen if u are worried xxx


i had an early scan last monday and everything seemed fine got a little 15.4mm baby just really worried at the way i feel at the moment

x x x


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