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25 weeks and most days baby is so active and feel every stretch and kick, but the last day i have not felt much at all. is this normal?

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I get so worried over everything, we tried for 8 years for this little one and im paranoid something will go wrong. My midwife so far has not been very helpful at all and its such a long time between appointments.

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From this stage onwards, my midwife has recommended me to try and notice some sort of pattern in movement. Then, if baby is acting differently, to contact your GP, midwife or pregnancy self-referral unit. You could try drinking/eating something very cold (ice/iced drink/ice cream), having something sugary and/or a caffeinated drink and then lying very still for one hour. Baby might move because he has had sugar and caffeine and it's suddenly got cold! If he hasn't you could contact them.

This happened to me two weeks ago. I must've just had a very busy day a not noticed him much. I did the drink thing before bed and he moved a little bit, twithin a week he was moving more than ever! He hasn't really got a pattern yet, so it is a bit concerning sometimes, I'd try not to worry xxx

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thanks for the reassurance im such a worry bags, i think she must of been catching up on her beauty sleep after a cold glass of coke she started to dance about. xx

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Yey!! That's great - I said to my midwife that it felt a bit naughty, making him cold so I can feel him move! She laughed and said she advised to do it, because it's more important that we are calm and relaxed mothers to be. Also, movement is an important sign for the midwives and they say we should never feel silly for worrying if they're not moving and to contact them anytime should we be worried about this. I'm gonna always do the iced coke and lie still trick first myself! xx

I'm 24 weeks now and baby will be really active for two days then for the next day baby will be much quieter. If I'm concerned I ay on my left side drink cold water and eat chocolate and ths seems to make baby wake up. Don't forget they sleep alot too and it's not till 28 weeks that thy are at their most active.

If u are still worried go to the maternity unit and have baby monitored:)

thank you x

I'm 32 weeks,

My baby is really really active i feel her most of the time! but their are some days that she wont move half as much as usual, its completely fine, aslong as you're not passing blood or anything i'm sure everything is okay! I'm new to this pregnancy so dont just go by this, and if you get worried call your gp, but yes it is normal for them to change their pattern and not move as much some days :)

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thank you so much, dont think i will stop worrying until shes here. x

I'm 26 weeks now and my baby seems to have active days and not so active days. First of all I was a bit worried that I couldn't feel much on the not so active days, but as long as I can feel a little movement (no matter how infrequent) in the day I'm happy. I'm starting a logbook soon to recognise my baby's sleep/awake patterns.

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Thank you, a logbook is a good idea x

I had this one day last week I didn't feel nothing all day and as soon as I drank a really cold drink she was awake and kicking like crazy sometimes they can be a bit lazy but I think they suggest if u do drink something cold and still nothing then call your go or hosp :)

thank you so much, after a cold glass of coke last night she was dancing away, Wish someone had warned me how worrying this pregnancy lark was x

I know what you mean Hun iv turned into a proper worrier since iv been pregnant the slightest little twinge and I'm worried think its natural :) x

If you haven't felt any or much movement in a day you should call and go to the maternity unit, they will pop you the monitor for half hour, never feel like you are bothering them, and it reassures you