Anomaly Scan

Any ideas on how to shake and wake your baby up for an anomaly scan. I think we have got a real stubborn child out here, which just made me laugh so much.

During my dating scan even when I would smile or giggle and if there is any shakes in my abdomen (even light ones) we would see the baby turning around in frustration as if saying "Get off me I am sleeping!"

And now the little one had its head tucked up in my pelvis hands lying flat on either sides and legs curled up. What a stubborn little kid. I drank 3 ltrs of water to see if we can see clearly the facials of the baby, no luck! the baby was sleeping like a crocodile, it wont move at all.

So we could only check the middle and lower spin, which looked great, the heartbeat was perfect two and it had two tiny kidney's.

and when we tried to check the gender, the baby actually kicked me, and crossed one leg on top of other - can they really do that :O - and no it dint let us find out if its a boy or a girl.

So we are scheduled for a scan next week. And I am thinking if i get the same problem with the deeply sleeping baby, how do we move it around.

So far I only feel the little one moving either early morning or late night - any ideas on what the other moms did in similar situation.

I wonder if its really gonna be a stubborn little kid like me :P Now all i wish for is black hair and blue eyes :D

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  • Same here, baby had back to us, so I jumped up and down and rocked my hips side to side the baby did move just enough for us to see everything :)

  • I remember reading this before from you (if I am not wrong), and I tried doing same, with no luck ! but it made all of us laugh so much as I was literally dancing in the room with no music !! thanks for the suggestion but, I would try it again ;)

  • Mine moves when I drink caffeine or have sugar, also, if I eat something cold, so maybe have an ice cold sugared drink while you are waiting? :D

  • Hi there, I thought I was reading my own scenario. I had my anomaly scan on Friday 28th Feb but baby decided not to show much as the head is way down on my pelvis so they booked for me to go back yesterday Tuesday 5th march but same scenario, I had to go up n down the stairs few times n drunk lots of water, in the end managed to get the head n brain measurements as the rest was done last week.

    So u might have same situation again but hopefully they will find all the measurements they need to make sure baby is fine. Sad they couldn't tell me baby's sex :(

  • Same with me they had rest of the measurements. But on one side we were not even expecting for anything more than they checking if the baby is still there :P (first time parents can have wired expectations i guess)

  • I am ok to wait til birth, but hubby is so eager to kno. Got another San @ 28 weeks so might find out then :)

  • Wow, really you can wait that long ! Gosh I am so desperate on the other hand, you have patience lady :)

    But good luck on the next scan I hope you find it out !

    PS- other day i was asking my husband, what would I do with a baby boy (and he thought i made it sound like its a toy, he was laughing so much, and he said we ca probably Swap it in the hospital! :P so you can imagine my desperation to get a confirmation that its a baby girl, and if its a baby Boy probably I am gonna start crying, not that i wont love the child, kids are cute always, but boy - thats so boyish! no girly stuff even!!)

  • Doctor made me have a sweet tea, worked a treat, her 15 years of experience certainly worked :-)

  • Hey I noticed it today, I had a tea in the afternoon and i could already feel the baby move ! :) impressive !!

  • when I had my dating scan I had to cough a few times and had to lift my pelvis and rock my hips quite vigorously and that was the first scan so lets hope on the next one ur baby plays ball a bit more.

  • Would keep coughing in mind although I think I would laugh much in that situations !! last time I was literally having this song playing in my mind "shake your arse, shake it baby!!" :P

  • I was told to drink caffeine, eat something sugary and to walk up and down stairs as close as possible to my scan time. It made my little man move so we could see the sex.

  • I had same at dating scan and couldn't be dated or have NT measurement. Bubs was bolt upright, I had to jump about, rock hips, bump bum, roll over, nothing worked. Sent out for walk & sugar! A hot chocolate and a mars bar, i ran up and down stairs with a full bladder and still bubba slept on, moved arm and yawning away, moving only from right facing to left facing but still sitting up. I had 2 internal scans too and still we could not see enough to date. I was rebooked in the afternoon as had a gynae appt too do went off in car for pun lunch, which has low suspension I might add, came back and still askeep! I have been rebooked for next Thursday so any tips very much welcome! Xx

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