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Heart Palpitations - very scary

Hi Everyone

I am Thirteen weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have just had a really weird thing happen with my heart, it felt like it was literally pounding so fast in my chest and I could feel it in my neck also, so I put my finger on my pulse and it was far to fast to count! I would say it lasted about thirty seconds or so. Has anyone else experienced this? I was just sitting at my desk at work, im not stressed either.

Thanks for your help :) xx

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hi.i am 30 weeks almost and been experiencing d same,even when i am on my bed doing nothing.used to get quite panicked when this happen and asked my midwife.she said its normal during pregnancy.but if u r too worried,call your midwife


You'll probably want to get this checked out at your next routine appt or make a trip to the docs if you have any worry at all. x


When you are pregnant your heart rate goes up by 20 beats per minute, due to the extra blood volume and also the extra work your body is doing.

I get palpitations all the time and feel breathless I'm 24 weeks now.

Obviously get your blood pressure checked regularly:)


check your blood pressure and don't think too much but see your doctor


I found that cutting out caffeine completely helped. I fact I didn't feel good at all when I had coffee. The breathlessness I totally get


Thanks everyone! I spoke to my doctor this afternoon and she said that it could be a one off, but if it happens again to call them and they will run bloods and do an ecg just to check. She also said sometimes it can be because of thyriod problems too. Sometimes you feel silly ringing over little things like that but it did give me a fright so thought best to get it checked out :) xx


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