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Fed up! Everything getting me cross! May be feeling a bit over protective?

We've got builders in doing our kitchen and bathroom, when they turn up. Time is running out as I've only got until the middle of April. Fed up with chasing up people who don't turn up when expected. Family who invite themselves to stay when I can bearly walk, with kids in tow. Ended up with a cold and unable to walk properly as I had to clean the house from top to bottom. Before their arrival. Had no cooker. All I want to do is get things done. Sigh. I just want to get ready for baby, as soon as the relies left we put up the cotbed. Bought the travel system this weekend just gone, much to my relief because I don't think that this little one will wait until April, met up with some people and finally fessed up what names I like and had them immediately ripped apart I mean they were brutal. I as an adult can just about handle being called fat, not glowing. Or being asked if its twins again! Asking wether or not my child was conceived naturally. Be as tactless as you please but don't expect me to bite my tongue if you start to criticise my baby when it arrives, you may get a shock. My baby my decisions like it or lump it!

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Hi Hun, ah bless I feel for you. First of all stick up for yourself to those that comment on your chosen baby names, I had someone make a comment and I told her straight to her face that I didn't give a shxt what she thought lol by the way I'm calling my little man George x

As for house work, I like you have servere back pain, I do a little bit of housework everyday that's all I can manage. To be honest I get my husband to do the hoovering and clean the bathroom.

For our lovely families that just turn up or want to come round, be nice but tell them the truth, you can't walk far, you can't do all the housework and they if hey don't mind will have to cook! You know I found that if I tell people I can't do that and could they help me so far no one has said no!

As for the builders, write them a schedule for the work that needs completing first, put in big capital letter babies due date! Talk to them if you can fake some tears! I think you will need the kitchen finished first, due to food and bottles :)

One thing I have learnt so far in my 33 years is get rid of those people in your life that don't make you smile or you feel you need to be different for, and keep those people that make you mile and you love spending time with :) for me that's my family and a couple of friends :)

Get hubby to get the rest if your baby stuff, start writing lists of things you need to be done and start relaxing and focussing on you and the birth, you don't want to be stressed leading up to babies arrival.

Take care xxxx


Thank you for those kind comments, waiting in for the builder again! We've already been delayed by his cold of two weeks, I don't mind anyone being off I'll but had not phone call from him and keep having to chase him up, I didn't want to upset sis I law and her kids and husband but told hubby that it was too much for me But. Ended up scrubbing the house on my own despite saying to hubby several times that the walk in shower tray needs scrubbing but I cannot get on my hands and knees to do it. by the time they arrived I was in agony. And got a streaming cold the next day. One thing I'm thankfully for is that the kitchens done now. Just got to get a bath put in or I'll be washing baby in its bath on the kitchen table. Btw I was thinking George for a boy as my first thought or Amy for a girl. And don't worry most of those people who criticised my choice in names I don't normally see, ex work colleuges one an ex manager who's first words when I had my first misscaradge and called her up sick was did they have to clear you out. I think we can guess the intelligence level of some of the people that I worked under. But I was at a wake so I decided to bite my tounge. She could have realised what she blurts out as she is still putting up a friend request on Facebook.

I'm more than halfway through my baby list. But got to do a 60mile round trip again to return a mosses basket that does not fit its rocker although led to believe that it should. It's faulty. Sigh this I do not need.


Naughty hubby he should have helped more with the housework, go on strike lol !

I ordered everything so far for baby via the Internet, so much easier:)

In regards to mothercare, ring the complaints department again and say you cannot travel due to being due any minute, get them to collect via a courier or let you return it via the post office, make sure they pay for the postage ! Sod a 60 mile trek!

I never have work people on my Facebook, I don't trust them and don't want them knowing my life!

Your boss sounds like an idiot what sort of comment was that!

Are u going back to work, I'm not :)


Hi there, I know it's easy to say but try and enjoy the last wee bit of your pregnancy - it's a special time. I am due with my second at the beginning of April. My plumber has let me down so the work will not be done in the bedrooms. This means house painting delayed! I have decided not to stress about it as it doesn't matter-although a few tears were shed before i came to this conclusion. As long as baby is healthy and loved she'll (hopefully) not comment on the lack of organisation! I always bathed my little boy in the kitchen sink as it was much better for my back. I too have a ginormous bump and love it - I have a friend who didn't 'show' until she was 7 months and hated not having a beautiful big tummy. Waiting for my partner to bring down car seat and a few other items from the loft and still have a few bits and bobs to buy this weekend. Names - we have mixed responses to our chosen names - but that's fine, I don't want one that everyone else wants. I absolutely love the name George - it was almost our little boys name. Stick to your guns and put your feet up x


Thanks for the compliments I just knew I had picked a great name for my little man :)


My firend's little boy is called George & we call him gorgeous George :o))


Thanks you guys I'm a lot calmer now. Skyblueboston, I can't return via courier as the packaging disappeared along with the packaging for half a kitchen. But I'm going that way on Sunday anyway so I will be able to sort that out. I've had dreams where I've gone into labor and the baby's clothes haven't been washed and dried yet. My legs are restless but when I'm up and about if feel soo heavy, I found water retention on my arms yesterday. I wish I had got some of this stuff done when I was more able to move around. I'm just getting there very slowly. As for the fat comments I posted a picture of my very swollen feet just incase people didn't get the idea. As for the baby names untill then I kept saying I have not made any decisions for names, it's different when you have already named your baby when it arrives as no one will criticise then. Thankyou all again for letting me have a bit of a rant :)


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