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Pregnancy milestones

Hello ladies

I hope you are all well:)

So I have reached 24 weeks another milestone in pregnancy that I was so anxious to reach, as this is the stage that the baby becomes viable:) and doctors will do their up most to save if I went into preterm labour!

When I dreamed about being pregnant it never dawned on me that pregnancy would be such a anxious time, I thought I would get the big positive and glide through pregnancy not forgetting the all important glow and have my lovely baby and live happily ever after!

Nope not quite !

What I have been through so far is trying to get to certain milestones as I get there my anxiety reduces:)

My first milestone was to get further than my last pregnancy, so that was eight weeks

Second milestone was 12 weeks

Third milestone was 20 weeks

Fourth milestone was 24 weeks

Now I'm just aiming to get to birth without any hassles or worries and hold my healthy boy:)

Am I the only one that aims for milestones in their pregnancy, or don't you think like tat and just count down the weeks?

I wonder if I'm like this because I'm bombarded with information on the Internet, about what my body and baby is doing, I guess in the old days women just trusted their Bodies and just got on with it!

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at the moment im struggling im just over 9 weeks i know in comparison that is nowhere near the anxious time you have been through i went for a scan at 6 weeks due a little blood but was too early to see much, went again last week at just over 8 weeks and saw a 15.4mm baby with a heartbeat :D i am so anxious all the time and after the joy of scans the day after im back down feeling extrememly low that something is wrong, im desperate to get to 12 weeks

x x x


Hi flossy, I understand totally, I booked private scans in my early pregnancy coz I was so anxious, i remember being so happy after the scan for about two days then I would go back to feeling Down and convinced something was wrong, thankfully all is good, but I still worry,! Just hold on three weeks to go then this should start putting your mind at ease a little bit as misscarriage after 12 weeks is very low xx


Flossy, I never stopped feeling anxious and protective over little baby from the word go. It's all relative how you feel doesn't matter if you're a few weeks pregnant or right near the end, it's natural to care so much and to have concern. You're already a mummy to a gorgeous 15.4mm person... good luck with the pregnancy! :)

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Congrats on milestone 24 weeks, :-)

Anxiety we all go through some more than others due to circumstances out of our control that may have effected other pregnancies. It's reassuring to ourselves to have goals and milestones and completely normal.

Have a happy week 24 xx


Thankyou allyemo xx


Skyblueboston, always good to ready your blogs. Wahoo to 24 weeks. I think I felt the same about you about reaching 24 weeks. It's very reassuring to know that baby will be helped if anything unthinkable were to occur.

I'm the same with the milestones, pretty much similar to you. I'm 33.5 weeks and my next milestone is week 35 (when baby's lungs are self supporting I believe) and 37 weeks when baby could come at any time and won't be classed as preterm.

I have experienced some kind of anxiety or worry the whole way through... just hoping and hoping and wishing that all is going well for Squiggly. I'm so desperate to meet her, have everything ready for her. I'm definitely in the preparing my mind for the birth stage and very much nesting... with a back drop of "please let everything be ok" on repeat!

I bet you can't wait to meet your lil' dude! I bet he'll be such a gorgeous baby baby cuteness!



Thanks kaleidoscope, I enjoy your blogs too:)

I can't wait to see my little man but again like you next thing is 35 weeks when his lungs are good lol, I don't think I will stop worrying!


yay 24 weeks :) im 25 weeks tomorrow :) in my first pregnancy i sailed my way through without a care in the world.. however now after what iv been through (and unfortunately what many of us have been through) it is a very anxious time for us all. every week i pass is a milestone for me :) its true about the internet tho, i have 3 apps on my phone full of info on how my baby is growing and pregnancy issues, which i read every week for reassurance :) however its march already :) wont be long til we are holding our baby boys :)


Hi ashy omg! The amount if apps I have is stupid lol, I think most of them copy each other, just a few words changed lol :)


Hey Guys, There is life after multiple miscarriage! And it's quite nerve-wracking! I'm 25 weeks now with a boy, which is a full five weeks longer than ever before. My midwife advised me to keep off all sites apart from the NHS one as she thought I may worry, in fact I think it's completely normal to worry. I recently got lent a book call (cheesily) birthing from within and because it addresses this part of us that is worried it is a really good one for me. It's got some nice ideas to help us pregnant worriers explore our anxieties before we give birth, to help us be happier and more relaxed - we are becoming mummies!!! It's sooooo exciting!! xxx


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