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a sign something went wrong

today was supposed to be my 10 week check up. on my 6 week check up the doctor showed me the tiny baby in the sac. today i was supposed to be around 10 weeks but when he did an ultra sound there was no baby or heart beat. the ultra sound showed i was only 7weeks and 5days. i have no signs of bleeding and i still feel some pregnancy symptoms could this be a missed carriage?

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Hi. Unfortunately it does sound that way however you should phone up your local early pregnancy centre for advice. What did the doctor say? And was there a reason why you had a scan at 10 weeks?


This could be a missed misscarriage, I had this happen, I was supposed to be 10 weeks, had seen the baby and hb at 7 weeks, I had a pain and a tiny drop of blood, so I got myself scanned, the baby was still there but the hb had stopped, I have a little op a few days later to remove the baby. It was so devastating. I really feel for you and I hope you get alot of support xxx

I'm now happily 24 weeks :)


At 6 weeks it is really difficult to date the pregnancy. This was what I was told when I had an early scan at 7 weeks and there was no heartbeat. I went back 2 weeks later and all was good and there was a heartbeat. My point is that at 7 weeks it may still be a little early to detect a heartbeat. Keep positive and hope for the best. Maye it won't be good news but keep positive for now if you can and as others advise, ask to go back to the early pregnancy unit for more information. Wishing you all the best x


I agree with cheekyp, it may be too early on the pregnancy and so far is only a sack, I had the same thing happening to me a few months ago and I can understand the feeling because the doctors don't tell you much about it, I guess they don't want to put your hopes up, just in case but be positive, I know the two weeks wait are hard but worth it, I'm now 37 weeks and waiting for my bubba to make his/her appearance!!!

Wishing you all the best!!!


Hi, this happened to me. Had a scan at 10 weeks due to previous miscarriages, they told me the sac was the wrong shape and only measuring 5 weeks. I miscarried a few days later. I really hope you get better news x


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